Plea deal falls apart for ex-officer involved in George Floyd’s death

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin angled to plead guilty on federal and civil rights charges for murdering Floyd.
4:31 | 06/10/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Plea deal falls apart for ex-officer involved in George Floyd’s death
Good evening and it's great to have you with us on a Wednesday night. We're back from Houston tonight, where thousands came from all over to pay their respects to George Floyd, his family, remembering him as a gentle man, a loving father, an imperfect man, but saying his name will now stand for the push for change, for justice. And tonight, what we did not know about the officer charged with murder now. How close was he to a plea deal, and why did it fall apart? And on capitol hill today, one of George Floyd's brothers telling lawmakers, enough is enough. Pleading with them to stop the pain of police brutality. Breaking down, asking, what was his brother's life worth? We have learned prosecutors and that former officer, Derek chauvin, were closing in on charges until the day before his arrest. Chauvin now faces up to 40 years behind bars if convicted on all charges. And tonight, as we come on the air, an urgent hunt now for a man who opened fire on a police station. We have it all covered for you. We're going to begin with ABC's Alex Perez in Minneapolis again tonight. Reporter: Tonight, the stunning revelation, as prosecutors mulled charges against fired Minneapolis police officer Derek chauvin, he was angling for a deal to plead guilty on federal civil rights charges and to murdering George Floyd. As prosecutors were walking up to the podium on may 28th, the deal had just fallen apart. We thought we would have another development that I could tell you about. Unfortunately, we don't at this point. Reporter: Chauvin charged with third degree murder the next day, upgraded to second degree the following week. Mr. Floyd, what do you hope to tell the committee today? Justice for George. You don't do that to a human being. You don't do that to an animal. His life mattered. All our lives matter. Black lives matter. I just wish -- wish I could get him back. Those officers, they get to live. For him to do something like that, it had to be premeditated and he wanted to do that. Intentional? Yes, sir. Reporter: And tonight, those chants of the streets turning into demands for reform. Minneapolis police chief faced with the possibility his department could be disbanded, unveiling his own plans for change today, revealing the department will no longer negotiate their current contract with the police union and new, real-time technology to track cops accused of misconduct and chauvin had 18 complaints against him, but was only disciplined twice. Under the new rules what would have happened to someone like chauvin, who had all these complaints? We could have intervened much earlier, if there were problematic behaviors brought to our attention right away, we could have made appropriate measures. Reporter: Back on capitol hill, George Floyd's brother demanding more accountability from officers. George wasn't hurting anyone that day. He didn't deserve to die over $20. I'm asking you, is that what a black man is worth? $20? This is 2020. Enough is enough. Powerful testimony. We here the demonstrators behind you tonight, Alex. And we know there's late word that one of the other officers who was charged in this case, Thomas lane, we remember, he was on his fourth shift as an officer that night, a rookie, there's news on him this evening? Reporter: Well, David, according to jail records, former officer Thomas lane was released from jail just a short time ago, late this afternoon. He posted $750,000 bail and has been released. You'll remember that's the officer who in court shifted blame towards the veteran officer on the scene that night, Derek chauvin. Now, as for the changes here at the Minneapolis police department, the chief tells me, today was just the beginning. He expects to make several announcements in the weeks ahead. David? All right, Alex Perez, thank you. And as I mentioned at the

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin angled to plead guilty on federal and civil rights charges for murdering Floyd.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71183878","title":"Plea deal falls apart for ex-officer involved in George Floyd’s death","url":"/WNT/video/plea-deal-falls-officer-involved-george-floyds-death-71183878"}