Portrait of a Candidate: Mitt Romney Interview

ABC's Diane Sawyer talks to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney about family and faith.
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Transcript for Portrait of a Candidate: Mitt Romney Interview
Tonight, governor mitt romney, and a personal life steeped in his family and in his faith. Mitt romney has said he grew up in good fortune. His father, a ceo and governor. My dad had extraordinary capacity. He was a man of great wisdom. I'd love to have the wisdom of my father, of my mother. Reporter: His mother, who wanted to be a hollywood star. And take a look at this. We found old footage from mgm, promoting their new find. She was mormon and so was her suitor, named george romney. Who kept coming out to california to pursue her. And so she gave up a lucrative contract to follow him back home. At a detroit prep school, their youngest son mitt was a jokester, a member of the pep club. At liberal berkeley university, he made headlines for protesting against the people who were sitting in against the vietnam war. But romney deferred military service to fulfill his mormon duty and served as a missionary in france. And while he was away, it was his father who guided the love of his son's life, ann davies, in her conversion into the church. She's done the most important task in our family, by far, which is she took primary responsibility for raising five extraordinary sons. Reporter: Their devotion to their faith so strong, in 1981, romney told a fellow bain executive, he was planning to give nearly half of his salary to the church. In an earlier interview, I was curious about the fact he doesn't drink caffeine. The church says no coffee or tea, it doesn't literally say caffeine. Reporter: It doesn't? Yeah, I try to avoid caffeine drinks, but so, if there's a caffeine free diet coke, I'll take it. But regular, I pass it up. Reporter: And I heard that every other day, he weighs himself, to take off any pound the campaign has put on. That's good. If I found out I gained a couple of pounds, okay, just don't eat as much. Oh, I hate him. Reporter: Never, ever entered my mind. You know, I -- I pretty much eat what I want to eat but if i notice I gained a few pounds, it's like, oh, got to slow down a bit. And, you know, otherwise, you could get as large as a house, so -- you got to watch it. Reporter: A candidate in fighting shape. After years of seeking the presidency. Talk about the big challenges that america faces. Reporter: In our interview with president obama, we ask his message for any new president. And tonight, what governor romney said in that previous interview when I asked his message for the man in the oval office now. Start packing. up next here on

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Diane Sawyer talks to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney about family and faith.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"17630512","title":"Portrait of a Candidate: Mitt Romney Interview","url":"/WNT/video/portrait-candidate-mitt-romney-interview-17630512"}