Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband passes away at 99

Prince Philip was the longest-serving Royal spouse in British history. He died at Windsor Castle on Friday after being married to the queen for 73 years.
5:51 | 04/10/21

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Transcript for Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband passes away at 99
Good evening it it's great to have you with us here as we near the end of another week together those alarming new numbers tonight on the virus in the US we also live news on the Johnson and Johnson and the Pfizer vaccines. But we are going to begin tonight with the world bidding farewell to Prince Philip. The husband of Queen Elizabeth passing away just two months shy of its 100 birthday. Tonight hear the famous words from the queen about her husband. He was the longest serving spouse of a British monarch in history for children the grandchildren and great grandchildren. Queen Elizabeth has said he has been my strength and stay all these years. It was Prince Philip who famously walked with William and Harry at Diana's funeral. And tonight the portrait of a prints after he stepped back from public life just a couple of years ago. Tonight with president Biden said today his message from the US and the images tonight all of those visits with American presidents and we hear from princes William and Harry to. And in the UK like the US a long here in this pandemic and now loss but celebration to tonight but the man who was always at the queen's side. ABC's foreign correspondent James long been leading us off tonight at Buckingham Palace in London. 1019 Lund and 99 tolls at Westminster Abbey for prince Philip's 99 years. Queen Elizabeth's husband the longest serving royal spouse in British history died at Windsor council and today. Being a good safe tradition. Most palace aides presented the announcement it is with. The role found he joined with people around the world in mourning his loss. His death comes at a time of great struggle already more than a year in this pandemic. There will be no crowds but I was in Collison made their way to palace gates. Fillets are specially with the queen who has now lost her companion of more than 73 unions tonight a longtime friend of the duke. What will his loss means fool the queen it'll be an enormous. Best way I can think of booking. It's that he will all the trousers in the family in order that the queen could weather cram. He was that to deal with all the families. In order that she could beat them. He was born a prince but it was far from a fairy tale childhood. His family fled war and revolution in Greece when he was just debating he would grow up to join the royal navy and is handsome young cadet fitted captivated the future queen. When she was just a teenager. 97. She was 21. 06. Public ways walking T paces behind the queen and private. Elizabeth's equal partner of people father to his four children the ground following a great grandfather to future kings as stiff upper lip. But he knew how difficult it was to join the rule found me. He was famously fit it who would reach out to Diana hoping to help and navigate a marriage to Prince Charles enough to Diana's death. Walking with a William and Harry behind so called. It's a keen sportsman full of energy and ideas and in the early days he was seen as a radical outsider. He had a sense of humor and at times was criticized for his lack of tact. And comments that we deemed insensitive. Encrypted main lesson that we've got is that tolerance. Is the one essential ingredient of any have been married. And you can take it from me that the queen has the quality of tolerance of abundance. Tributes are pouring in tonight from around who. President Biden sending deepest condolences from the American people. This bravely serving two tours to flawless is a champion of environment. Both of charity the charitable things she set up so. We really do express our condolences for short. Like 99 years old and never slow. Prince Philip at the queen's side on so many visits with American presidents Buckingham Palace with JFK and Jackie Kennedy in 1961. With the reagans at that California gets away in 1983. At the White House and on the field with George H. W. Bush and Barbara. To see the Orioles play the Oakland a's in 1991. And visits with the obamas to at Windsor Castle in 2016. And tonight in the UK prime minister Boris Johnson speaking Fo all Britons. We give thanks. As a nation in the kingdom. The extraordinary life. And work. Of prince but it. You can bet prince that it will be remembered as. The man dedicated to set this to the British people and for more than seven decades. To his queen. He has quite simply in my strengthens stay only yes and I and his host family and him a debt greater than he would ever obtained. Always Evan end. The world paying tribute tonight James lawmen lauded Buckingham Palace where tonight we know James a mourners have been paying tribute to the Prince Andrew the queen really all day long and Philip had been there with the queen for so many challenges public and personal on me. Of course know that recent interview with Harry and meg and making global headlines and they've just released a message about. Harry's grandfather tonight. We David they would be a state funeral because of cultivated will be a private service. And that'll take place wins Megan and Harry and updated that website the article website with a tribute for prince fitted saying thank you feel service. You'll be greatly missed. It's unclear whether or not they gonna make it here for the funeral given complications with co within of course Megan is pregnant bicycle through the drama of the last few weeks people his very much want to see. The family reunited in some way. In support of Queen Elizabeth. David it would send a message or change lawmen leading a soft in the London tonight James thank you.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"Prince Philip was the longest-serving Royal spouse in British history. He died at Windsor Castle on Friday after being married to the queen for 73 years. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"76984131","title":"Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband passes away at 99","url":"/WNT/video/prince-philip-queen-elizabeths-husband-passes-99-76984131"}