Residents warned as Holy Fire threatens communication towers

Authorities have arrested one man on arson charges after he allegedly threatened a local fire chief via email.
2:46 | 08/09/18

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Transcript for Residents warned as Holy Fire threatens communication towers
thyo Ne, possible storms I the northeast coming in the next sevehours. And, oco, the fire emerge growing I we. Tonight, a arrest in one of thosajor fires, M allegedly wrote to ire chieg, this place will burn. Crews tt fire battling a torn ofireovernight. The images ry sueal. That growing fireriggering new tot.e or communications towerslso grow could cell phones, TVs, ier service,ll dark? ABC's will Carr from califor Repter: Tot, an all-out battle on the front lines ofhe ly. The blaze exploding overnit anstill out control. Tisning fire. It hast erupted. That it's ten so G, it is so difficult to defend. Repr:te critical communication tower auorities Teing residents to get out now.there is aajor air aack ING on right now, planes flying by, droppin retardant L throughout this area. We met a group of hbors, inuding Darla Stewart, anxiouslwatching T fme approach their homes. Sry. Scary. Yeah. Toen paic Reporter: And tonight, authresting this man, Forrest Clark, N facing also and otr charges. Warning him, is place wl burn. 14,000 firefighters including around a thnd nationagups ling 1e fires statewide. With cruciating conditions including more firenados. Burn throh September. Davi tire crews G hillsided me. We have seen drop after drop. The roof on top this home is now red. You ca see retardant splattered on T wis. Thiss mak THR stand. Davi All right, will carr,nk you. Ths heat continues, re this ur. In the St, the heat index in the tripleigits Ni three people recovering there lightningikes in queens, new york.e statue of Staten Island F also strk the last 2hours. And there a more srm poible this evening. Chief meol ginger zee tracking all for us. Gier? Reporter: David, daily recordbroken aga today. L.A.X., 93, and some of the numbs map are go be super high in the 2 hours. 103 in bend. Thh thexcessive heat warnings. But we have fire watches from northern California through Ana, becau O low pressure system that's going to try to break down rid winds. We wish on the east coast we could get ri of the humidity, making it feel much hotter than it really the fee lik I Philadelphia. David? Ginger tyou. And theres a manhunt at were

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Authorities have arrested one man on arson charges after he allegedly threatened a local fire chief via email.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57117524","title":"Residents warned as Holy Fire threatens communication towers ","url":"/WNT/video/residents-warned-holy-fire-threatens-communication-towers-57117524"}