Safe Storm Shelters Saved Lives During Oklahoma Tornado

A look at rooms designed to help protect people during powerful storms.
2:30 | 05/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Safe Storm Shelters Saved Lives During Oklahoma Tornado
It's a big question tonight about safe rooms and those two schools. That took the direct hit and more Oklahoma. As the storm descended we -- one alarm sounded sixteen minutes ahead of time and there were some people able to run -- to shelters hoping to be safe. But tonight we're also learning about a kind of room that can be built into -- home a room that will withstand the force of a tornado. You kind of window you kind of door ABC's David -- shows us. This video of the more tornado was taken through a crack in one of these a safe -- Researchers have killed us with dramatic test like this -- that houses can't stand up to tornado -- But safe rooms above ground -- right into your house or underground in the backyard can't save your life. These safe rooms are subjected to their own tests to withstand winds up to 250 miles an hour cannon fired woods does. One company even -- -- Lumber. That car on its shelters. There are above ground and below ground storm shelters that offer. And near absolute occupant protection from the worst case tornado. Many homes and tornado Alley don't have basements because of luz clay soil -- because they flood easily. These -- safe rooms have doors that open inward making it easier to avoid being trapped by debris that would block a door that opens out. But as we -- in Oklahoma many schools have no secrets right now only Alabama requires any new school built. To have safe rooms for students but that could change for tornado areas -- new building codes are adopted in the coming years. And in Joplin the side of that devastating storm two years ago. The local papers says thousands safe rooms were but just in the first year after the storm. The city of Moore Oklahoma has been trying to get federal money to subsidize residents who want to buy safe rooms. But just in February the city expressed its frustration saying quote. We found that the FEMA requirements and their interpretations. Seem to be -- constantly moving target tonight we ask the head of FEMA why the city didn't get any money. You don't have disasters you don't have additional money for mitigation for safe firms but without disasters there's not a set funding source just for safer -- Back on a day we learned again that these rooms can keep the safe. Even as we -- to learn that all around us has been destroyed. David -- ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"A look at rooms designed to help protect people during powerful storms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19229168","title":"Safe Storm Shelters Saved Lives During Oklahoma Tornado","url":"/WNT/video/safe-storm-shelters-saved-lives-oklahoma-tornado-19229168"}