Saving Money on Cell Phones Costs

What to do when a better cell phone deal comes along and you are bound by a contract.
2:03 | 09/05/14

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Transcript for Saving Money on Cell Phones Costs
Next tonight, have you ever felt trapped in our cell phone plan? Well, the "Real money" team has answers. Here's gio Benitez. Reporter: This family loves talking on the phone. But three phone contracts with three different companies, that costs them $300 a month. So you need some help with your contracts? Let's save you some money. Like millions of other Americans with cell plans, they found it easy to sign up. We have three different plans. So, it would be nice to get to one plan. Reporter: But they would be faced with early termination fees. Up to $350 each. So we phoned a friend to take a look. Cell phone expert John polgin. Tip number one, look for changichange changes in the contract that you haven't signed up for. Look for differences in the fine print. So, you may be able to cancel without the big fee. Just over 50% savings. I love it. Reporter: Tip number two, sell or swap your plan. Websites let you post your contract online to allow others to take it over. Or, switch to carrier that will pay your fees when you become their kcustomer. By consolidating their plans, this family can save over $1,800. When we come back, an asteroid the size of a house?

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"What to do when a better cell phone deal comes along and you are bound by a contract.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"25300138","title":"Saving Money on Cell Phones Costs","url":"/WNT/video/saving-money-cell-phones-costs-25300138"}