Spring Fire claims more than 100 homes in Colorado

Jesper Joergensen, 52, has been arrested for allegedly starting the fire with an illegal campfire, officials said.
2:29 | 07/03/18

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Transcript for Spring Fire claims more than 100 homes in Colorado
And we begin with that searing heat ac ameca tonight. Dons of wildfires also burning in the west. One of worst fires in cod. It's one of the worst fires the state has ever seen. Destroying more than 100 homes. Firefighters close to those flames, you see them ere, battling to save the homes still standing. And tonight, heat as for 110 million people from coast feel like iple different tratures for the fourth of July. Abs Clayton Sandell is one scene of the spring fire in Colorado Reporter: Tonig, the U.S. Is baking and burning. In southern colodo, the spring firexploding to80,000 acres, one of the biggest in STA history. This cabin, mor than one of 100 H homes destroyed. It looked likeoshima had another a-bomb dropped on it. Reporter: Offls say the blaze S sparked by agal campfire. At and dry winds superchargg 42 wildfires I ten STEs, including this one in north California. In the east, an ereme triple-digit heat index from D.C. Boston, wheretoday, th're participating July fourth festivind bringing in huge fans to cool the crowds. You need to stay hydrated. Reporter: In philadphia, thet wave knocking out power to this commuter train. Stuck on T now for almost two hours. Anit's probe about 120 degrees on this train. Repr: And an air conditioningled, forcing the evacuation of 50 sen from this new jerseysinghome. Temperatures pushing forth of 100 degrees. Theat also a factor in these wild fires.here in do, you can see is wall of smoke has just Ed the sky completely dark. Re than 2,00 homes here are stevacuated, butith only 5% contain this is goi to be a Lon fire T, Tom. All right, ton, thank you. And do move onnow, we nt to get T chief meteorologist er zee. She's at the George Washington bridge. Ginger, the big questio tonit, just how much of a scorcher willor the fo? Eporter: Thunderstorms have cut the hand humidity around here, but Washington, ,Baltimore, both H a heat ind of 109 day. And you can see the excessive heat wash that str across the nationy from California to Maine. Let's focus inn the fourth O July. The numbers are impressive and going to be sweltering, from 10 to Boston back T Louis at 102. Finally, not good F the fires. Even hotter a coming at you. 101 for Los Angeles by the time we kick off the weekend. 114n Phoenix. To Just goi to get tougher for

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Jesper Joergensen, 52, has been arrested for allegedly starting the fire with an illegal campfire, officials said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56351079","title":"Spring Fire claims more than 100 homes in Colorado","url":"/WNT/video/spring-fire-claims-100-homes-colorado-56351079"}