2 teams head to the Elite 8 with their lucky charms

The presence of these two, some say, have helped propel their teams further.
1:58 | 03/23/18

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Transcript for 2 teams head to the Elite 8 with their lucky charms
Finally tonight, our persons of the week. The players and their inspiration. Reporter: Another close game for Loyola, Chicago last night. That is the final game. Reporter: How did they feel at the Loyola student center? Reporter: And the person they ran to, Loyola's secret weapon, 98-year-old sister Jean. You have met her here before. She admitted her bracket didn't see this coming. I'm sorry for busting her bracket. I don't care how far you break my bracket as long as you have broken it. You have to go a little more now. Reporter: Thiweek we asked her about her divine intervention. It's David Muir. I'm curious what you say to the team. We see them kissing and hugging you. What do you say that could help them out, and all of us honestly? I say sometimes there is a little more than talking to god in the prayer, but I do begin with good and gracious god. I pray for the other team, perhaps not as hard. Reporter: It certainly worked. Another victory last night. The university of Michigan. Right behind number 13 there, the guy in the suit, Austin hatch and what a story. He got a scholarship to play, but then tragedy. Injured in a plane crash. That crash took the lives of his father and his stepmother. Unbelievably, eight years earlier, in another crash. It was in that crash he lost his mother and two siblings. I think god had his hand on me. Reporter: Austin now a manager for the team, his fiancee walking onto the court with him. The team following in spirit and strength. Across the country, we all have our teams. Does Syracuse play at 9:37 tonight? Reporter: Syracuse is taking on duke. Thankfully, not sister Jean. Thank you for watching. In the mornings and evenings this week, time to go watch some basketball. I hope to see you on Monday.

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{"id":53973495,"title":"2 teams head to the Elite 8 with their lucky charms","duration":"1:58","description":"The presence of these two, some say, have helped propel their teams further.","url":"/WNT/video/teams-head-elite-lucky-charms-53973495","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}