Tiger Woods injured in rollover car wreck in California

The golfing great was hurt in a rollover car crash in Southern California on Tuesday morning. Woods, the driver and only occupant of the vehicle, was taken to the hospital for his injuries.
5:52 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for Tiger Woods injured in rollover car wreck in California
Good evening and it's great to have you with us here on this Tuesday night. And we begin tonight with that horrible news and the images that played out for hours today after Tiger Woods was involved in a major accident this morning in L.A. County. The vehicle has driving going off the highway and rolling over several times and we have just learned from authorities moments ago that he had serious injuries to both legs. That he was awake and conscious when authorities responded at the scene. That he was able to identify himself. He was driving the car and that he was alone. These were the aerials today of that SUV off the highway, flipping and ended up on its side. Authorities say there were no brake marks before the vehicle rolled over several times. Firefighters using an axe to break the windshield to get him out, saying they got to the scene in six minutes after a neighbor called 911. The investigation, of course, is now under way tonight, but authorities did say just before we came on the air that they did not see any evidence of impairment at the scene. Of course, fans across the country tonight paying for tiger Woods. His agent earlier saying what we just heard from authorities, that Tiger Woods suffered multiple leg injuries and was rushed into surgery. We know Tiger Woods was recovering from his fifth back surgery. He said during an interview just this weekend that he was hoping to be ready for the masters though he acknowledged he was still hard at work getting his strength back. And of course, in December, those images we reported on at the time, the tournament with his sonning, playing golf, looking an awful lot like his dad. Just yesterday, woods with NBA legend Dwyane wade. Wade posting this video on at this hour, of course, we await more on Tiger Woods' condition and ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman leading us off tonight from the scene in California. Reporter: Tonight, those gutting images. Now we are getting some confirmation from the sheriff's department that it was Tiger Woods that was involved in that accident. Reporter: A one-car rollover accident just after 7:00 A.M. Near Los Angeles. The car flipped over and crushed. First responders reportedly used an axe and another tool to pull out the windshield. It took first responders about six minutes to get to the scene after the first 911 call. It was, like, very loud metal noise. Reporter: You look at the front end of the car, you can tell how violent this crash must the entire front of the car, including the engine, just competely compressed and accord yans. Just a mass of crushed metal. Locals in this upscale southern California community called the road notoriously dangerous. It was my understanding that he had serious injuries to both legs. Reporter: He was the only person in the vehicle. And on that SUV, you can see the logo from the genesis invitational tournament. He was here for it this weekend but he wasn't playing because he was recovering from his fifth back surgery. Everybody wants to know how you're feeling, how you've come off your fifth back operation. Feeling all right? I'm feeling fine. I'm a little bit stiff. So, tiger, seven weeks from today, final round of the masters. You going to be there? I hope so. I have to get there first. You feel like -- A lot of space on, you know, my surgeons and my doctors and my therapists, making sure I do it correctly and this is the only back I got, so, I don't know how much more wiggle room I have left there. Reporter: Former NBA star Dwyane wade posting this video on the course with woods yesterday. I say the goat, he's not comfortable with us, but an opportunity to come out here with this guy, man. Reporter: For many years, the number one wolfer in the world. And the accident comes after a powerful HBO documentary that tells the arc of his life. The history made and the deep personal struggles he faced. It shows him when he was a toddler, watching his father hit balls into a net in the garage. Showing off his skills on "The tonight show." And the tournaments he won, on his way to becoming the youngest number one golfer in the world ever. His mom, always there, cheering. In November of 2009, two days after tabloid stories broke alleging his infidelity to then wife Elin nordegren, woods crashed his SUV near his home in Florida. From there, his personal life unraveled on the world stage. But he worked to recover, apologizing to his fans and family. I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior I engaged in. Reporter: In 2017, his career still plagued with pain and multiple surgeries, tiger was found by police passed out behind the wheel of his car. Do you know where you're going? Ah, no. Reporter: And then in 2019, the improbable combat. The country that watched him stumble also cheering for his return and then what many thought impossible -- watching him win his fifth masters tournament. And tonight, just days after talking about yet another comeback, he's back in the close friend and fellow competitor Justin Thomas there. I'm sick to my stomach. You know, it hurts to see one of your, I mean, one of my closest friends, you know, get in an accident and man, I just hope he's all right. Just worry for his kids. I'm sure they're struggling. Emotional moment playing out this afternoon, as well. Let's get to Matt Gutman with us tonight, near the scene of the you just spoke with law enforcement. What more are you learning tonight? Reporter: Quite a bit more, David. The scene of the crash is right there to my right. Just moments ago, law enforcement officials said there were no skid marks and just where you see those people milling about, that's where the car seemed to catapult over the median, crashing into that stand of woods. Now, the first responder on the scene said thatted woos was lucid and calm and critically, the sheriff said that at this point, there is no evidence that woods was under the influence, but that may still be part of the investigation. David?

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"The golfing great was hurt in a rollover car crash in Southern California on Tuesday morning. Woods, the driver and only occupant of the vehicle, was taken to the hospital for his injuries. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"76074319","title":"Tiger Woods injured in rollover car wreck in California","url":"/WNT/video/tiger-woods-injured-rollover-car-wreck-california-76074319"}