New tropical storm headed to the Gulf of Mexico

Florida has already declared a state of emergency.
1:06 | 10/07/18

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Transcript for New tropical storm headed to the Gulf of Mexico
A new tropical storm is heading to the Gulf of Mexico tonight. Michael the thirteenth named storm of the season formed just today and he could make landfall as a category two hurricane. Florida already a state of emergency. And what's Michael makes landfall there could be even more trouble because of another storm ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano joins us now and and rob how bad is Michael what problem this time you're Tom these things develop close to home so we don't have a whole lot of time to prepare and they develop quickly already fifty mile an hour storm. We've got to it that the senator about a hundred miles southeast of Cozumel Mexico. And should be a hurricane by tomorrow night and a potentially category two storm. By Wednesday when Nash American senator think it's gonna make landfall somewhere along the Florida Panhandle was going to be your right side heavy storm US Tampa even Charleston will feel impact of this it'll be steered in part by this deep trough and storm. That's been pestering big country's midsection for all week really with the heavy rain and severe storms were seen that again tonight flash flood watch is up from Texas all the way through the morning to Minnesota you see more rounds here whether right through Tuesday this what's gonna pick up Michael. And bring it towards a Gulf Coast toward and we. And Michael take insulin by surprise all right rob thanks so much.

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{"duration":"1:06","description":"Florida has already declared a state of emergency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58347020","title":"New tropical storm headed to the Gulf of Mexico","url":"/WNT/video/tropical-storm-headed-gulf-mexico-58347020"}