TSA screens record number of passengers during pandemic

More than 1.5 million people traveled by air on Good Friday.
3:25 | 04/04/21

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Transcript for TSA screens record number of passengers during pandemic
millions of Americans desperate to see loved ones this holiday weekend traveling and packing airports, but health experts are raising alarms, worried about setbacks during this fragile moment in the pandemic. The TSA screening a record number of passengers. More than 1.5 million people hitting the skies Friday ahead of what will be the second Easter since the pandemic began. At least 24 states seeing an increase in covid cases. A former CDC director telling me this morning there will be a fourth surge. How large and how deadly depends on us. But there is progress in the race to vaccinate. More than 40% of adults have now received at least one vaccine dose. That's 103 million people. Those vaccinations reaching yet another record, more than 4 million reported shots going into arms in just 24 hours. Some experts say this could be the last major holiday with travel restrictions if we stay vigilant. ABC's Trevor Ault leads us off here in New York. Reporter: Tonight, America's airports packed with travelers this Easter weekend. We want to get back to some kind of normality. Reporter: The TSA reporting 1,580,000 people flying Friday. A single-day pandemic record and a sharp rise from the 200,000 who flew this time last year. The CDC's new guidance saying fully vaccinated travelers who wear masks and social distance can fly at low risk to themselves. Now I'm vaccinated and her dad is vaccinated and she's vaccinated. And we're just so excited. Reporter: But non-essential travel is still discouraged. Especially if you're not vaccinated. In the last two weeks, the number of new daily covid infections jumping 20%, and experts fear it could climb far higher. We will have a fourth surge, I'm afraid. How large and how deadly, that depends on us. Reporter: 18 states and Puerto Rico already reporting hospitalizations rising at least 10%, including Michigan, tonight reporting more than 8,500 new cases. Its highest daily case total since December. And doctors there say the patients they're treating are noticeably younger. The people who are under 65, who have not, for the most part, been able to get vaccinated yet, are more at risk and we're seeing them in the hospital. Reporter: However, the vaccine rollout is accelerating to a new milestone. The U.S. Now averaging more than 3 million shots a day and more states moving to reopen. California bringing back indoor events later this month. And with New York City venues now at one-third capacity, Jerry seinfeld performing his first standup set in front of a live audience in more than a year. Saying New York is coming back. It felt like getting electrocuted in a good way. I try -- I didn't want to get emotional, but I'm really excited to be helping to bring it back. Many encouraged to see some of the shows coming up. Trevor Ault joins us now from outside Laguardia airport. And Trevor, we see those vaccination numbers keep climbing. The CDC saying fully vaccinated people should still wear masks in public. But Dr. Anthony Fauci says a change could be coming soon? Reporter: That's right, whit. Dr. Fauci says he wouldn't be surprised if a number of studies happening right now showed that people who are fully vaccinated can't spread the virus and thus wouldn't need to wear masks. He says looser restrictions are coming, but right now, it's best to stay cautious and keep wearing them. Whit? We'll have to stand by for some of that news. All right, Trevor, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"More than 1.5 million people traveled by air on Good Friday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"76858512","title":"TSA screens record number of passengers during pandemic","url":"/WNT/video/tsa-screens-record-number-passengers-pandemic-76858512"}