US averaging just under 130,000 new COVID-19 cases a day

The accelerating rate is four times what it was two months ago, forcing restaurants and bars in New York City to close their doors early due to new restrictions.
4:49 | 11/14/20

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Transcript for US averaging just under 130,000 new COVID-19 cases a day
election. But we're going to begin about the emergency unfolding in every corner of the country. The coronavirus and the numbers accelerating at an alarming rate. New cases hospitalizations and deaths all rising. Several states reporting new records. Governors and mayors with new restrictions tonight, trying to keep hospitals from breaking down. Many warning they cannot handle what they know is coming. More than 10.7 million Americans have now tested positive. 193,000 more new cases. More than 234 lives lost. 1,000 Americans lost in just the past 24 S. Here I New York, the curfewor restauntanbars begins at 10:00 P.M. And the mayor warning schools could shut down as soon as Monday. Across the country, New Mexico issuing a two-week pausele all nonessential businesses will close. Oregon also imposing a two-week freeze for the entire state. Mayors and governors issuing advisories with real fierce Americans getting together could make this much worse with the Thanksgiving holiday almost here. Stephanie Ramos leading us off right here in New York tonight. Reporter: Tonight, countdown to curfew in New York City. In just hours, these restaurants and bars will be forced to close their doors earl0:00. If we get shut down again to 25% indoor, we wt probably going to make it. Reporter: Cases soaring to levels not seen since April and the mayor now warning schools could close. Parents should have a plan for the rest of the month of November. Have an alternative plan for beginning as early as may if school is not open. Reporter: But Kindra hall, whose kids are in fourth and third grade in New York CI, says it'll be challenging since she and her husband work from home. Is that frightening to hear that schools may shut down in just the next couple of weeks? I think we always assume that schools at some point would shut down. Reporter: But New York is desperate to avoid a repeat of the spring, and a vaccine can't come soon enough. Tonight, president trump with an update, predicting pfizer will get emergency authorization for its vaccine soon. As soon as April, the vaccine will be available to the entire general population. The vaccine will be distributed to front-line workers, the elderly, and high-risk Americans immediately. Reporter: And tonight, the administration says it expects more good news next week with from moderna, a second vaccine candidate, saying they hope to have enough vaccine doses to immunize 20 million Americans in December. And then 25 million to 30 million each month after. But tonight, cases are exploding across this country. A record 193,000 in just the last 24 hours. And the worst is yet to come. The CDC up to forecasting up to 282,000 deaths by December 5th, when about 2,000 Americans could lose their lives every day. Hospitals are just struggling to keep up. It bothers me that people don't believe how quickly people can get severely sick and be intubated or die, because the numbers are real. I see this every day. Reporter: States are braci for a flood of patients. From Massachusetts where they're re-opening this field hospital to Reno, Nevada, where 7 then beds have been set up in this hospital parking garage. This week, Republican governors in Utah, Iowa, and Ohio ordering mask mandates. This health official in Missouri begging for just that. Our health-care heroes have fought ---valiantly day after but we have no reserves. Reporter: But 11 states still have no mask restrictions like South Dakota with a staggering 60% of people are testing positive. Today, Elaine gray was laid to rest in Mississippi. She raised four children as a single mom and volunteered to work with covid patients before her own lungs were destroyed by the virus. The compassion you feel when you see that number should go beyond just a statistic. It should be, that's a human being. And don't take this virus for granted because it is very real. We're thinking about all of these families affected by the virus, all the business owners just trying to survive this. We're all in this together. Stephanie with us again tonight. I know the curfew for restaurants, bars and gyms in New York go into effect at 10:00 and there's also going to be a limit on indoor gatherings? That's right, David. No more than 10 people can gather inside a private home. Local law enforcement are responsible for enforcement and the state hasn't ruled out restrictions.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"The accelerating rate is four times what it was two months ago, forcing restaurants and bars in New York City to close their doors early due to new restrictions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74201517","title":"US averaging just under 130,000 new COVID-19 cases a day","url":"/WNT/video/us-averaging-130000-covid-19-cases-day-74201517"}