The virus' growing toll as Louisiana becomes latest hot spot

Law enforcement says there will be criminal consequences for people who ignore the social distancing orders.
2:43 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for The virus' growing toll as Louisiana becomes latest hot spot
This evening, we have new reporting on the toll across this country. In New Orleans, the number of cases skyrocketing tonight. The warning from the governor there, just weeks after thousands celebrated mardi gras. And the death toll in the U.S., including a 44-year-old man. Kaylee Hartung, back reporting after recovering from the coronavirus herself. Reporter: Tonight, the virus taking its toll. Jeff ghazarian just 34 years old, one of hundreds to die in the U.S. He just had a lot of love and humor and could approach and talk to anyone. Reporter: Ghazarian's loved ones say the cancer survivor was on a ventilator for five days before losing his battle late last week in California. The dire warning now being sounded in Louisiana. Confirmed cases tripling since Friday to roughly 1,400. Don't go out unless you absolutely have to. The virus is here and everyone needs to act as if they have it. Reporter: Just four weeks ago the entire city of New Orleans, and thousands of tourists, celebrating mardi gras. At least 270 now hospitalized across the state, many needing critical care. It's like I'm standing at the shore, watching a tsunami coming in at a very slow pace. We try to prepare, but I know it's going to be coming. Reporter: Tonight, thousands with the virus under quarantine. After reporting from the nursing home in Washington state that was overrun with cases, I began to feel symptoms. My body ached, I had chills, and a headache. I took this video in the emergency room. He just came back to tell me I'm going to be tested. But those results are going to take 5 to 7 days. I think I've got a lot of quarantine time ahead. By the time I received my positive test results, my symptoms had mostly faded. 28-year-old Matt Robertson from shoreline, Washington, spent two weeks in a hospital, at times unconscious and on a ventilator. He's now rebounding, doing physical therapy to regain his strength. My case could have been more tragic and that there was that chance that I could have not made it through this. Kaylee joins us from her home, where she continues to quarantine. You reported how much better you were feeling already, but what have your doctors told you? What are we hearing from the CDC about folks like you who have had it, about potential immunity? Reporter: Officials at the CDC are talking about the need to test those of us who have had the virus to determine if we can get it again or continue to spread it. Right now, there is so much unknown about the virus, including when that immunity develops. Kaylee, thank you. In the meantime, a

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Law enforcement says there will be criminal consequences for people who ignore the social distancing orders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"69779048","title":"The virus' growing toll as Louisiana becomes latest hot spot","url":"/WNT/video/virus-growing-toll-louisiana-latest-hot-spot-69779048"}