Warnings issued as US braces for arctic temperatures

Whiteout conditions from lake-effect snow have sent drivers sliding all over a Michigan highway.
3:42 | 01/30/19

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Transcript for Warnings issued as US braces for arctic temperatures
This states of emergency authorities are very concerned about this life threatening cold tonight temperatures dropping as we come on the air some of the lowest wind chills and a generation. More than fifty below zero in some places near zero visibility for to commute near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Infected chain reaction crash involving two dozen vehicles. In Fargo, North Dakota the windchill already minus 55 tonight. Shoveling in the blinding snow in Kalamazoo and it is already so cold in Chicago they had to set fire to the commuter train tracks. And by tomorrow morning take a look the wind chills right there in Minneapolis your eyes don't deceive you 52 below zero. And in Chicago with feel like fifty degrees below zero. Tonight hear the warnings and it tips what you should not leaving your car ABC's Alex press leads us off from Chicago. Tonight why don't conditions from lake effect snow sending drivers is sliding all over Michigan highway. That Platt an egg helmet there are sorted out. At least at. This Multi Color racked him pinning some inside their vehicles at least seventy into the hospital. That blinding the lake effect snow is supercharged. By Arctic air that's pouring into the lower 48. But it hasn't in decades. Chicago forecasting a wind chill of fifty below 02 morrow. Frostbite can begin in five minutes your trauma your fingers or toes your ears your nose those are the areas most affected. And in short amount of time we're talking minutes. Anyone who has to work out so I'd like these Minneapolis firefighters. Risks to give you an idea how cold it is look at that's they take off their helmets and this team just. Horse off of them are evil pilgrim is also in Minneapolis. Right now feels like temperature is minus 38. Degrees it's so cold that it's hard even talking he'd been out here for India now had time. Dangerously cold you can see our thermal camera even with four layers of clothes not the heat is still escaping out of my coat. Any lawyer. Can't authorities warning drivers to be prepared and make sure your car's tank is at least half full so fuel lines don't freeze or suggest getting appointed anxious at a clothing. Maybe an alternative are better source for your phone. They also warn that cell phones can stop working in extreme cold and medications like insulin can lose effectiveness if they freeze. Really import advice is good to Alex he's with us from Chicago tonight we see that frozen Lake Michigan behind you Alex we know it's gonna feel like a fifty below their tomorrow when much of Chicago but. It's the duration of the cold that authorities are really worried about tonight. Yeah that's right David it's how long this cold will linger that's a really dangerous here in Chicago those. Pierce sitting a bitter would. Below zero wind chills will be around for more than eighty hours David Howard get back inside Alex thank you let's get right to Sam Champion timing itself forced tonight hi Sam. Hey David add it's all happening right now you've just seen that moisture and that cold air but let's get the maps and show you that 57 below in Grand Forks that's the center of the coldest air we're going to be dealing with. And those big temperatures are ready for its tomorrow morning most of moisture exit the East Coast by about midnight tonight. And that opens the door for that air to make an East Coast moved so we'll see some cold temperatures on Wednesday and also into Thursday. But the life threatening wind chills will stay right around the Great Lakes and the northern plains 52 below in Minneapolis tomorrow and there are still some cold air on Thursday but David. Here's your inspirational moment for the night. By Saturday the Arctic air its backward should be and were all really above normal David. All right we gotta wait till Saturday to get there right Sam Champion or thanks to you.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Whiteout conditions from lake-effect snow have sent drivers sliding all over a Michigan highway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"60711349","title":"Warnings issued as US braces for arctic temperatures","url":"/WNT/video/warnings-issued-us-braces-arctic-temperatures-60711349"}