White nationalist rally turns violent in Charlottesville, Va.

Car plows through counterprotesters, leaving one person dead and at least 19 others injured.
3:11 | 08/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White nationalist rally turns violent in Charlottesville, Va.
We begin tonight with that breaking news, a horrific scene in charlottesville, Virginia. A white nationalist rally that descended into deadly violence and chaos. The images are just coming in. A car plowing into a crowd of demonstrators, protesting against those white nationalists. At least one person killed, 19 hurt. A drive has been taken into custody. On the streets of charlottesville today, the hate boiling over. White supremacists and the counterprotesters fighting. Con fed rate flags on full display. The governor there declaring a state of emergency. President trump weighing in. The hate and the division must stop and must stop right now. Police in riot gear struggled all day to prevent a full blown of explosion. A warning, the images are very graphic. Eva pilgrim starts us off. Reporter: Tonight, panic and chaos in charlottesville. A car plowing through counterprotesters down this crowded street, killing one person, sending 19 people to the hospital. A car just plowed through hundreds of people downtown charlottesville. Reporter: This silver dodge challenger with Ohio plates seen here in this video barreling down a hill. Witnesses say it only stopped after it hit a van and another car. Blocked in, the silver car went in reverse to get away. It hit like two or three other cars and pinned people in between cars, smashed into people. Then, it was like a gray car with all tinted-out windows, and then he reversed out of there as quick as possible. He got away. How close were you to the car? I had to jump out of the way of it. It waslready -- it had already hit maybe a couple of people, but the majority of people were behind me, I turned and saw it. Reporter: People on the street frantically searching for their friends and family. Others carrying the hurt, searching for help. Authorities right now you can see have this intersection blocked off, they are looking through the crowd making sure that they have been able to find everyone in this area who was injured when those cars came through this intersection. Ambulances racing in, paramedics running to the hurt, triaging the injured right on the ground. Yeah, I'm a little rattled. A little rattled. I saw a lot of people flying, you know, but I'm okay, I'll get through it. But those people over there, they need help. Eva pilgrim joins us now. Live from the scene. Active investigation and very active scene. Eva, what are we learning about that driver in custody? Reporter: Well, Cecilia, this driver was picked up a short distance from the scene. Witnesses telling us, whoever the driver was they did not hesitate. They put the foot on the gas and kept going. Cecilia. Eva, thank you. That racism and hatred that has been on the streets on

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Car plows through counterprotesters, leaving one person dead and at least 19 others injured.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"49182378","title":"White nationalist rally turns violent in Charlottesville, Va.","url":"/WNT/video/white-nationalist-rally-turns-violent-charlottesville-va-49182378"}