Wild Weather Causes Harrowing School Bus Rescue in Kansas

Rescuers used ropes to get children out of school bus overturned in a creek .
2:19 | 11/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wild Weather Causes Harrowing School Bus Rescue in Kansas
We're going to turn to the extreme weather tonight, the havoc from the halloween storm being felt this evening stretching from texas to maine. And those images out of kansas tonight, that school bus overturned in a creek, the school children helping one another until they could be rescued. Tonight abc's ka clayton sandell on how the children got themselves out. 911. We've got a school bus just went off the bridge. Reporter: Heavy rain in the area when the bus plunged off the bridge into a fast moving creek. As the bus moved and hit the edge of the bridge here, it caused the bus to tip over to o to the passenger side. Reporter: The bus driver injured. So the young students sprang into action. Opening an emergency hatch on the bus and getting a lesson in survival. I went through the window. And it was a hard time getting everybody out. Reporter: The water too swifrt for boats alone. Rescuers used ropes to get the kids to safety. Took a little over an hour to get everybody out. But everybody's safe and it's a good day. Reporter: The rain in the area part of a massive storm system, that stretches from texas to massachusetts hurtling eastward bringing high winds and leaving a trail of damage. Tornadoes reported in arkansas and southern illinois. In austin texas, yesterday we saw over a hundred water rescues. You can see they are struggling to get the bus out of the river. One thing we learned today, all school kids in the state of kansas are required to practice bus evacuation drills. And we're told that in this case, it might have saved lives. David. Clayton, thanks to you. Brave school children, abc meteorologist tracking all of this. You say we might be dealing with flurries behind it. Yes. Behind the cold front that did this. More than 300 severe weather reports for really much of the nation. You see some of them focused in the northeast and tennessee valley, southern indiana, a lot of wind damage. But behind it, watch this low pressure system, it travels up to the northeast, into canada and behind comes chilly air. Not only chilly like detroit in THE 40s THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND But you see snowflakes around the makes, syracuse, pittsburgh, places like oh buffalo, going to see their first flakes mixing with rain tomorrow night. You'll have the latest on gma. Jirchlger, thank you.

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{"id":20761281,"title":"Wild Weather Causes Harrowing School Bus Rescue in Kansas","duration":"2:19","description":"Rescuers used ropes to get children out of school bus overturned in a creek .","url":"/WNT/video/wild-weather-harrowing-school-bus-rescue-kansas-20761281","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}