What Would You Do: Children bully their classmates because of race

Two white children bully their white friend and their black classmate, saying they shouldn’t be spending time together. What will nearby customers say?
10:54 | 09/07/19

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Children bully their classmates because of race
I can't believe they're hanging out together. I know, she thinks she's so cool hanging out with her white friend. Yeah, well she needs to go hang out with her people. We've heard the stories from all across the country. A racial slur sparks a police investigation at a west metro middle school. Racial bullying in schools and online. Duncan public schools is responding after one of its students posted a racist video on social media. Teens, and even younger children, being taunted. The parents of one 9-year-old African-American girl say she was picked on because of her friendship with a white male classmate. Jasmine Adams claims her daughter told her teachers and principal she was being bullied a number of times. But nothing was done about it before she took her life last week. Well today, we've brought our hidden cameras to the very same state where that happened, Alabama. I didn't say anything to you guys, can't you just leave me alone? Yeah, she isn't bothering you. Why are you defending that black girl? You're out for a bite to eat when you overhear two white tweens bullying this young man and his black friend. Just because of the color of her skin. What would you do? Look at us and look at you. Our two sets of actors are seated at big Bob gibsons bbq in Decatur, Alabama. John, you should just sit over here with us, with your real friends. This family is looking on as our bullies start tormenting kamayah. You can sit with us. But she can't because she's different. How am I different? Just look at you. Seriously. Do we have to spell this out? When they start to spell it out using ugly insults. You couldn't find a friend that looks more like you, John? Come on. She can't stay silent any longer. I don't know what you think you're doing but being an adult I'm not going to sit in this restaurant and watch you bully people like that. It is wrong. She really -- she's upset. And if your parents have not taught you that you are being rude and insulting and if that's what you want to be, you sit here and you keep your mouth shut. Because there are other people around here that don't want to hear you talk to people like that. Look at them, do you think they belong together? Do you think they belong together? Who says they don't belong together. It's ruining our meal. It's ruining your meal then get up and leave. This is amazing. This is amazing. This outspoken bystander saves her final words for the young victims. I don't know y'all but, I'm very sorry. And I'm sorry that people think they can act like that today. Here we go. Here we go. Break it now. Time to say hello. Hi there, how are you? I'm John Quinones, with the TV show, "What would you do?" That's exactly what I would do. You were wonderful. I'm furious. Tell us why. It's the way my parents brought me up. You don't treat people differently because of their race, their, you know, color, their religion, their whatever. It's not the way I was taught. I'm not going to sit by idly and watch that. As we roll again, this diner watches. I'm sick of people like you in our school. Why are you guys being so mean? Anyone would agree with us. Go over there. Good, good. Then offers some advice. Don't worry about them. There are stupid people everywhere. Trust me. Y'all just keep being you. And shares something personal. My wife's white. I don't care. There's nothing wrong with being friends. They shouldn't be friends. Look at her. Like I said, there's stupid people everywhere. He walks away. But he's not done making a difference in their day. Do they have their check because I wouldn't mind getting their check. Those two kids right there are just messing with them real bad. That's why I got up. They're nice little kids. They're just two friends trying to have lunch. How you doing? Hey, good. How about you? I'm John Quinones. You were listening to it and shaking your head. Oh, yeah. It's ridiculous. I mean, there's enough bad people in the world. We don't need that. Our actors serve up abuse all day long. She shouldn't even be allowed to go to our school. And people continue siding with kamayah and John on this black and white issue. Oh, wait, hold here. Hey, are these your friends that just walked out? They're not. They're bullies. This woman tells them to ignore the ignorance. Do Ya'll feel like hanging out together? John shakes his head. Then hang out together! They say we're different though. Don't let them make you feel like that. They're not worth it. This man encourages our victims to call for help. I want you to tell him to call his parents, ok? Come to pick y'all up. Cuz this little girl is being disrespected. You know what I mean? Don't listen to that. Do they -- you know them people? Yeah, they used to be my friends. They go to our school. And they don't want y'all to be friends, cuz she's black? That's kinda crazy in 2019, ain't it? I'm just being a nice person. If I was you, I would have slapped her. For real. Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that, man. Just call your ride. Just leave. Then there's this diner. I just don't see what the big deal is. You must be blind then. Uh oh. Sweetheart, hang out with who you want to hang out with, and don't listen to people like that. Thank you. What do you think I should do about it? Ignore them and hang out with -- if enjoy her company, and hang out with her. Thank you. What are you saying to them? You need to mind your business and leave those two alone. This is our business. I don't care. She downsizes their You're being small-minded. And you, children, need to stop. You know what, we need a minute. Disgusted. Racist little bitches, MM. Woah, wow. Then she turns back to the targets of the bullying. I'm gonna tell y'all this. People like that? Ignore them because there's always gonna be hate in this world. And if you guys are friends, that's all that matters. Hi, there! How are you? Good! I'm John Quinones, with the TV show "What would you do?" They're actors. Oh, my god. I was getting upset! You sat down with them, right? Yeah, yeah. Other peoples' opinion do not matter. What you feel in your heart does. This next couple is sitting close by. She overhears what's going on. You two are different. Yeah, we have a lot in common. I doubt it. Why? Because there's no way people like you could have something in common. She sits quietly, but can't stop watching and listening. Who knows what kind of values you have. And when our bully says this -- Do you hang out with him because you want to be white? Is there a problem little kids? Uh, oh. Here we go. Here we go. She can't sit by any longer. This beautiful girl over here -- We're just being honest with her. Some things are just plain mean. We're not being mean. We're being honest. They shouldn't be friends. It's not for you to say. Now she turns to consoles kamayah. Are you ok? Yeah, I just don't know what to do. You can be friends with whoever you want to. And you are so beautiful. Ok, don't let anybody bring you down and devalue you. There's a lot of ignorant people in life. And you're just going to have to learn how to move forward. Why are you getting involved? Why are you getting involved? You kids really need to just knock it off, ok? And just as we walk in on their lunch -- I'm so sorry, honey. You know what, I'm gonna pay for your -- She offers to pay for theirs. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my god. They're actors. You ok? Oh, my god. I'm sorry. I'm sorry this upset you. Tell us what you were thinking. Just the racial comments, and just seeing this -- these kids. I have children around the same age, so this just --it was just -- just sad. And it touched you that much? I have 5 children. Just try to teach them love. Love and respect people. We're rolling one final time and we meet this couple. Parents themselves. John, you should be hanging out with people like us, ok? I don't get it. I don't know. I thought your parents raised you better than that, John. I need a minute. Kamayah steps away but the harassment continues She's going to bring you down with her. And they just have to jump in. You all are kidding, right? You need to hush up over there. Is what you need to do. Real quick. I'm going to call a police in a minute. And let him talk to you. You need to be quiet. Why? Oh, my god. I'm just trying to eat with You have to realize it's their insecurity. Not yours. Now she's out of her seat in search of our actor. It's ok, sweetheart. A warm, comforting embrace from a caring stranger. I just don't know what to do. Just sit down and eat your lunch. Just sit down. They're not going to bother you anymore or I'm gonna call the law. Kamayah, stand up, go up to them and thank them. Thank you very much for standing up for me. You're so welcome, sweetheart. Nobody deserves that. Let me tell you something. You're a whole lot better than they are, darling. And we are, too. We're a whole lot better than any of the trashy people like that. Beautiful. Beautiful. Ok, we'll break it. How are y'all doing? I'm John Quinones. Oh, my goodness. They're actors. All of them. Unbelievable. You were very touched. Tell us why. It's terrible to treat someone like they were being treated. I couldn't believe it. For a child to be treated like that, unbelievable. Your message to the haters out there? Oh, there's no use for you in this world in my opinion. Just teach your children teach them to love and to be understanding and compassionate because that's the greatest gifts you can give them. After an emotional and uncomfortable day of filming, we sit down with our young actors to talk about their experience. Like I knew it was fake, but it did hurt. You know, to, like, be, like, that mean to somebody. Like, you -- it hurt a lot. I felt pretty bad doing that. But I knew for a good reason. To show people that this is happening and if you do see it to say something and it helps. And kamayah is optimistic a more positive future lies ahead. I hope we start standing up and stop sitting down. Hoping someone else will step in and we start stepping in because I feel like it's really important. A very special thank you to the people of Alabama today who did stand up and step in to help these two young friends.

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{"duration":"10:54","description":"Two white children bully their white friend and their black classmate, saying they shouldn’t be spending time together. What will nearby customers say?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"65443141","title":"What Would You Do: Children bully their classmates because of race","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/children-bully-classmates-race-65443141"}