What Would You Do: Grocery employee breaks items while bagging carelessly

A grocery bagger, lacking basic bagging skills, mangles a customer’s items as he stuffs too much into the bag. He doesn’t think what he’s doing is wrong, but how will others feel?
7:10 | 08/10/19

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Grocery employee breaks items while bagging carelessly
Would you double bag it please? You got it. I think I have coupons. Bagging groceries. Some people take great pride in the process. On your mark, get set, go! More than 20 years, the national grocers association has sponsored a national competition posted on YouTube to find the best bagger in America. But not everyone bags the right way. And this man cently made news for being accused of assaulting his bagger for boing it all wrong. He told officers he knew he was in the wrong, he was having a bad day and his chips being smashed sends him over the edge. Back in this supermarket, our bagger has a lot learn. Here you go. Oh! What would you do? We're at key foods supermarket in Brooklyn, New York. Here we go, here we go. Where the art of bagging groceries -- Double bag it please? I know I have coupons. Great. He busted your potato chips open? No, the chips aren't open. They are fine. They popped a little bit in the bag. At first, he seems forgiving. You give him the benefit of I just have to get one more thing -- And then -- What are you doing? It's just to get more room in the bag. You wante room in the you stuld or what? No, I'm trying to get the most in the bag. You have to get the lady another pie. You can't get a pie like that. It's fine. It taitss the same. That is not the point of it. You don't that to people's stuff like. That come over for a minute. And wastes no time selling him out. This plts person's pie looks like? It tastes the same. Stupid, man. Time for a mediator to step in. How are you? It's part of a show. He's an actor, and so V so is You got angry. Yeah what should dhi to this Fire him. Fire him. Throughout the day, we capture different reactions to our bagger's questionable techniques. 'S speed bagging. Three, two, one. I have coupon. It was -- What was the time on that sfwhun 4.5? That is a record. I'm getting better. The taste test. Oh, Jesus. He just took it open. Did my peanut butter. Oh, look at him. I'm getting out of this line. She's going to another line. The egg toss. The egg is cracked. You don't sigh it spilling out. No, you cracked her eggs. They cracked. And the grand finale, the milk spill. I'm learning to be really fast bagger but sometimes stuff like that happens. We should be good. I'm out of here. After our "What would you do?" Staff cleans up the big mess this shopper is next up at the register. He can't hold back his smile. He's dumbfounded. And he looks around at his surroundings confused. Blake, ask the guy, you want me to fwlag for snunchts yeah. Double? Please. I can do triple. He seems to be playing along. You want to see one of my tricks. Yes, sir. One of these -- But things quickly change when it comes to his groesh rips. Toss me that bread. Can you toss me that bread. Not my bread, not my I will triple back it. No, not mine. How do you think I'm doing? It's my first day. I think you're doing a fantastic job. And -- you're going to go far. He is holding on to his What is going on, buddy? How are you? Oh, why? Why wouldn't you let him touch your bread? It's my sand switch. He was having a really bad day. Let me bag that sandwich. No, no, I just want my sandwich. We're rolling one last time. Would you -- And this final shopper notices what is going on right away. How could she not? I think I better get something. Now is a good time to practice the juggle. Her face says it all. And now with Mary back, so does she. You are out of control. Why are you working here? I'm not in control like good with dance moves. Your over there and cracking her eggs. You're disrespectful. He needs to get fired! This is sad, Yo. Wait until I get to your You ain't touching my -- He broke her eggs and everything. Where is the manager? Other shoppers in line are now leaving are their groceries. Yeah, he opened a whole -- trying to juggle it. Break it, break it. Time to cool things down. Hi, how are you? What the ! I'm John Quinn Jones. It's a TV show. Oh, no, I'm about to start crying for this lady. Oh, my gosh. What were you thinking? At first, I thought I was he was playing with the bags and stuff like that, and then he just start the going crazy. What should happen to young men who work like that? They should get fired. If it was my mom or grandmother, I wouldn't want anyone to do that stuff. I wouldn't want that to happen. Well, this is Blake. He is really nice kid. He is an actor, and Mary, this right here is crazy. Crazy. This just about wraps it up. The it's all in the bag.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"A grocery bagger, lacking basic bagging skills, mangles a customer’s items as he stuffs too much into the bag. He doesn’t think what he’s doing is wrong, but how will others feel?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"64892643","title":"What Would You Do: Grocery employee breaks items while bagging carelessly","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/grocery-employee-breaks-items-bagging-carelessly-64892643"}