What Would You Do: Mother pushes daughter to lie on college applications

At a gym, a mother takes pictures of her teenage daughter on a rowing machine for college applications, even though she doesn’t row on her school’s team. How will customers react?
7:30 | 08/31/19

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Mother pushes daughter to lie on college applications
Look at me. Her best. Friend and her own. It's time this isn't real let me finish in Broward. Burlington in my life that money back ideally you hear me talk. The college admissions scandal that's captivated the country. Rich and famous parents accused of being part of an illegal scheme to get their kids into some of the most elite universities in the country. We begin with that bribery scandal pretty emotional Felicity Huffman fouled her guilty plea court taking responsibility for bribes to lose a daughter fifty. The elaborate scheme allegedly involved fake athletic credentials photo shopping takes. Murray locked. Lynn and her husband Massimo G anomaly. Have pleaded not guilty to conspiracy charges they appeared in court just this week we get ready to play anything you like to say. Those accused say their kids are in this city and were unaware. Well today in this Jen power mom is inspired by what came to be known as operation varsity blues a honey. I'm gonna need you to flex your arm muscles that looks I believe the boss. You roughly ten when you see a mother pushing her daughter do fate extracurricular activities to add to her college application. If you knew someone was trying to cheat the system simply to get their kid into college. What would you do okay. A big smile. There is no way they're not getting that the captain of the rowing team. Read vision sports club is pearl river new York and pretend doesn't have more news I want this to look believable. It's pretty obvious that I and mom knows nothing about. True. You know I think about growing video. I'm trying to get unopposed write I don't know if you know anything about it at first this woman gives our team some tips yeah. Grab your thumb I'm trying to get or don't look like then fell for the application. But then she hesitates as she hears about mom's plan. I don't think anything that ten dollars. Her face says it all we want hiding I think I gas gas company that let you. I mean and that's kind of where I got the idea but I'm thinking I'm not like fifteen person. Yeah with your boy may did she do exist them back in May have mom's overweight for a second I'll be right back back to strike under an accurate. But when our mom leaves. I so reliant my mom's like making a live from iPod application she steps back in with some advice. Yeah I signing my parents proud and they live. Underwear yeah. Why did she get involved. Get the credit with the. As we roll again power mom quickly recruits this man to fine tune her daughter's. Growing techniques. Helping her through after our team has it down our mom reveals served cynical plan I'm penny earned a college. And ice and only has. Saying she's on the rowing team and he reveals how easy this wow great market rate could really nothing like that California. But how is this different from operation varsity blues. Hayley Sanong nothing about rowing. But I don't wrap. You know around the world and just like partner. It's a day or night. You're gonna take a picture when he thank you. My home elector. When he put this mile long court hours Cameroon's by sir I'm John are you doing. They're actors. Pretending that there were gonna fake their way into college in your advice who this. Market yourself there's not live if you marking his tough fight he made you amplify itself. And the world that want. Now she's never road before her mother second hitter college grades. Let's get up so. Some of state. Throughout. The day there are many reactions to our applicants embellished application. This former college tennis player doesn't think she can pull loft alive and ask. Like regatta. And I had enough that. We're. And this college graduates you think an ad saying she says captain of the rowing team. He draws from personal experience. I'm like a fly balls financial beds or they should ever tankers raised it from there you rain. Time to introduce ourselves. Other dog man I'm John Quinones. And this shows what would you do as the hidden camera show alone so terrible yeah. You're being honest person in the health care. This is Hamas successfully. Your business itself. Even if there's still a little live or not so little. A little life like that. That's one thing to celebrities and that's a formal hello paying off the coast that sort of crazy. As far as. Exaggerating a little bit. We're rolling one last time. I'm trying to get her to college by making it look like she's on the rowing. Teens right now. And we need a mother of a team whose about the same me just have her like looking street. His talents he's doing well thanks for your right after tossing some tips she starts to question what this is worth trading. Find hot. I just think knowing my putter over the top I mean this might really get area that's. You're I know I don't know what are you get it and now she gives served professional opinion. Me where. The green light. I'm assuming it's alive I can't really think need to play I don't American. It's like a little work bidding don't comment line with. That she awkwardly tries to slide away from this scandal OK let's regular regular I think I'll just as we raise sore right then. And got. The reasons they aren't you going into. She was baking. Not an I was really happy that she's back and and then the younger islands that I really don't know. With the rising tuition costs and scholarships growing more competitive. Stretching the truth on college applications. Can be tempted. But as we've learned from the suspects of operation varsity blues it's simply not worth the consequences. Gotta come earlier I apologize to this woman. And. And the.

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{"duration":"7:30","description":"At a gym, a mother takes pictures of her teenage daughter on a rowing machine for college applications, even though she doesn’t row on her school’s team. How will customers react?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"65303638","title":"What Would You Do: Mother pushes daughter to lie on college applications","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/mother-pushes-daughter-lie-college-applications-65303638"}