What Would You Do: White waitress wants black diners to prepay for their meals

A white waitress tells young black customers that they have to prepay for their meals up front. She says this is the new policy, since she's had problems with people "like them." What will diners say?
8:55 | 06/16/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: White waitress wants black diners to prepay for their meals
This group of friends -- Ooh. I'm going to get the cheese fries. That sounds good. Is about to grab a bite to eat after school. Hi, I'm berry. Can I take your order? But this waitress -- I'll have the old fashioned French toast with syrup and bacon. Is not going to make it easy. Just so you know, you guys are going to have to prepay. It's a story that quickly shot to the top of the news. An ihop restaurant asked a group of black teens to prepay for their meal. The waitress was disciplined according to ihop but the manager said he doesn't think the incident was racially motivated. And it's not an isolated case. The group was told they'd have to prepay for their meals. That's when Wickham says he noticed his group of friends were the only black people in the restaurant. The restaurant was found by authorities to have racially profiled the customer. So today -- Prepay? We're taking on this hot button issue. Yeah, we've had issues with people like you guys walking out before paying. If you witnessed three teens being treated differently -- Here you go, that will be $55. I'll be back in a moment. Okay. Than all of the other customers. Did you guys have to pay for your food before you got it? No, they bring the check when you're finished. What would you do? We've set up our hidden cameras at the park avenue diner in south plainfield, New Jersey. And our waitress, berry, is about to stir up some controversy. Hi, I'm berry. What can I get for you guys? Hey, I'll have the French toast. But before she puts in the order, she lays her new rule on the table. Just so you guys know you're going to have to prepay. Prepay? Yeah, prepay. Like, pay before we eat? Exactly. I'm going to go add up your order, bring you back your bill and once you pay I can place your order for you. They are all keyed in now. This mother/daughter duo appear shocked by this special request. Why? How long is that going to take? We're starving. No problem. Just a couple of minutes. They aren't about to stay silent. Why do they have to prepay? Oh, you don't have to. Why? You know -- No, I don't. I've had trouble with people like them. I'm taking offense the way you're treating them. They are high risk. Oh, my god. With that, she's on her feet. She won't give them their food until they pay. That's certainly not our policy. I'm sorry. I'm leaving if they are treated like that. She goes back to her table. What, are we in the 1960s? And now our waitress turns to take these diners' order. Are you guys ready to order? No, I'm not cool with that. Why are they being treated differently than everybody else? Because I've had issues before. With these particular people? No, with people that look just like them. I'm out of here. All right. Here we go, here we go. And then they all storm off in solidarity with our three teens. Ma'am, can I talk to you for a second? I'm John Quinones, it's a TV show called "What would you do?" They are actors. Oh, my god, my heart is in my throat, I want to cry. What was going through your head? That we had jumped back to the 19d -- 1960s, and they were being treated differently because they were black. Why does it resonate with you? My parents brought me up that we're all equal. It doesn't matter if your color, your look, anything. It doesn't matter. Can I get Orange juice? But as we roll again we wonder if anyone will teach our waitress that lesson. Just so you guys know you're going to have to prepay, okay? Prepay? She seems surprised by what was just requested. Like, pay before we eat? I've had issues with people like you guys and I don't want to get burned. So I just need you to prepay before I order your food. They are both clearly bothered by what they are witnessing. Do you want us to pay with cash, or -- They decide to leave -- You just have to pay in advance as long as I get the money. But not before giving our waitress a piece of their mind. I actually overheard you saying about having to prepay things to come in here. I was just wondering, what was that about? Well, I've had issues with people like them not -- What do you mean like them? She asks the question one more time. What do you mean like them? You know what I'm talking about, right? No, I don't. We're like them. I really don't think that was appropriate and I don't feel comfortable. How are you? I'm John Quinones. We're doing this scenario because it happened in real life. I know it does. That's why I said I'm not comfortable with someone asking those questions and saying you people. What were you gonna do? Leave. And take my business elsewhere. Throughout the day, there wasn't a shortage of people who felt the same way. These women have no problem confronting our waitress straight on. Okay, that's unacceptable. Are you asking us to prepay? No, you guys are okay. Nobody should have to prepay. You order, you pay, like everybody else. And these diners are completely outraged. That's strange. I've never seen that. I've never seen that. And this duo. They discreetly record as the situation unfolds. I've had issues with people like you guys so -- They let our waitress know exactly what they think of her motive. They are totally high risk. I don't agree with you, sorry. That is pretty blatant discrimination. Just look at them. They look like Normal people just like us. There's no difference. I don't, I don't even want to be here right now. I'll get a manager for you guys. Oh, my god, this is so no. I'm the honorary manager today. Stop, stop, no, this isn't real life right now. You were upset. My heart is pounding right now. Yeah, it is in my throat. It was messed up. It was horrible. I had to say something because that's horrible. We reset and along comes this last group of customers. Just so you guys know you guys are going to have to prepay. They are listening to our waitress' every word. I've had issues with people like you guys walking out on your bill. They are in disbelief at what they are hearing. When you guys pay, I'll put your order in. Okay. And they have got some advice for our teens. You should call for the manager, you don't have to be talked to like that. She was saying people like you, she don't be saying nothing like that. Ma'am, I get it. It's all right. It's not right for her to do that. She don't have that right. She does not own this place. Why do you think she said that to us, though? That's horrible. Look in the mirror. What do you think she's saying that? With our waitress back, they slam her with the tough questions. Excuse me? Yes. Is there a policy here about color? Because I'm a customer as much as they are. No, but I've had a problem with people like them before. What do you mean like them? Oh, my god. What do you mean? Not paying their bill. Because they are what? It's kind of up to me. It's up to my discretion. I'll see what you guys order first, you know what I mean? The power is not up to you who you serve and what the rule is according to those people and that kind of people. It's one standard for everyone so you don't go around and pick and choose. Give people the respect that they deserve. It's not your choice. Time to show our respect to this group who stood their ground. It's "What would you do?" These are actors. How are you? Oh, my god. You okay? Yes. Now. Yeah, I'm okay now. You knew exactly what she was saying, right? What she meant? She was talking about black people. To me, that's the way it was. Every black person does not do that. All kinds of folks run out on their tabs, right? Yes. To those folks who say you're playing the race card, this doesn't really happen. It happens. It happens every day. We're looking at African-Americans who are experiencing this, in this case today, yet on the wall, they have a picture of Dr. Martin Luther king. The pictures on the wall speak a magnitude of the culture of America. They call it the melting pot. But somehow not everything is melting. We still may have work to do but the people we met today are proof that this man's dream is very much alive.

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{"duration":"8:55","description":"A white waitress tells young black customers that they have to prepay for their meals up front. She says this is the new policy, since she's had problems with people \"like them.\" What will diners say?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"55935586","title":"What Would You Do: White waitress wants black diners to prepay for their meals","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/white-waitress-black-diners-prepay-meals-55935586"}