What Would You Do: Woman rips out recipes from cookbook at book store

A woman browses through recipes in a cookbook at a book store. Instead of buying the book, she rips pages out of it and puts them in her purse. How will people react?
6:55 | 06/16/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Woman rips out recipes from cookbook at book store
Continues. ?????? Hi. Hi. Where are your recipe books? They are right over there. Thanks. This is Tracy. She loves to cook and is always looking for new dishes to expand her repertoire. This looks good. Hi, can you just hold this for me really quick while I take a picture? Sure. A little higher. Today she's stirring up some trouble. What will people do when they see this sneaky chef? Actually, you know what? I'm just going to take this out. Ripping recipes right out of the book. I'm just going to take it with me. Now I don't have to print it out. "What would you do?" Our cameras are rolling at books and greetings in northvale, new Jersey. Where this recipe for disaster is about to go down. Ma'am, can you do me a huge favor? Can you just hold this for me real quick? I just want to take a picture. At first, it seems this woman is on the same page. Oh, that's smart. Actually there's three pages. But as Tracy starts ripping. I'll just take this instead. Because I don't want to buy the whole book, I just want this one recipe. She kicks her out of her book club. You can't do that. You just broke the book. There's still a lot of other recipes in here. Are you crazy, you can't do this. What you just did is illegal. That's not illegal, I'm not stealing the book. She argues with that old you break it, you buy it. And when Tracy refuses to buy in. Can I help? Yeah, she just ripped the pages off the book. But left the broken book here. She sells her out. And she took those pages off she just ripped this. That was already done. That one was already done. Why do you have those pages under your arm? It's just my notes. Can you show her? Can you show all of us what they are? How about we show her it's "What would you do?" Oh, my god. I was horrified. You sounded the alarm right away. Because, I love this store. This is such a, like, community store, why would anybody do this? But it's one recipe, what's it hurting? Taking the picture of the recipe, I was kinda like all right, you're a little lame. But breaking it, that was horrible. We're rolling again. Can you just hold this for me? Oh, sure. I only want one recipe. It's like a few pages. I don't want to buy the whole thing, you know? My hand is not in the way or anything, is it? Have you ever done this? No. But I know people who have. Actually just hold it for me real quick. She seems shocked by what just happened, and she continues to watch, page by page. Keep ripping the recipes. Oh, cheese enchiladas. I only want a few. Do you want a copy of these? No, thank you. Thank you so much. Does it bother you that I did it? Some nervous laughter. Here, hold these for me for a sec. She looks uncomfortable, but never stops here. Why not? Hi, how are you. Oh, my god. I'm John Quinones. I know who you are. You were in a tough position there, huh? I didn't feel right about it. Yeah, I could see the look in your face. Taking a picture was one thing, right? And then she rips it out. It was a tough position. You covered for her. I shouldn't have, though. I didn't know what to do. Yeah. I'm just going to take a page. Throughout the day, we see different reactions to our book vandal. There's confusion. First she wanted to take pictures of the page, then she started taking pages out of the book. Shock and disapproval. And then along comes this man. Somehow I feel like an accomplice. In crime. Oh, no, no. No? Okay. Thank you. I'm just going to take the page. He can't believe his eyes. And quickly leaves the store. But on his way out he alerts the manager. That girl was ripping a recipe out of the book. She is? Before he drives away -- how are you doing, sir? What did you think? Well, I know the owner of the store, you know? Did you hear her rip out the page? Yes I did and I said, whoa, that's not right. It's a mom and pop shop, right? There are so many big stores and online they're still selling books and you got to support the local stores. But this last customer, in our book, she's a best seller. Just like all the shoppers today she lends a helping hand while Tracy takes a shot of those recipes. Ginger bread, that looks good, right? Yeah. Ginger bread? I'll just take the page out. No, don't do that. And tries to stop her. Can you hold this for me? No, you can't do that. You can't tear a book apart in a bookstore. I'm just trying to save money. No, I can't do it. You're stealing. So, well, it's just a page or two because I've already taken the other one out. No, no, no. I'm going to have to say something if you keep doing it. Don't say anything. Then stop. These are my friends here in this bookstore. I don't think it's a big deal though. Yeah, it's theft. It's theft and these are my friends. I can't steal from my friends. Beautiful. Should I just put it back in? Yeah and go walk, go to the library and make a copy of it there. She stands up for her neighborhood bookstore. Hey, how are you? I'm John Quinones. She's not really stealing. It really upset you. Yeah. These are my friends. Buy the book or go to the library but don't steal from my friends, please, or anybody. Stealing is wrong. That's very kind, you're a good friend. They're lucky to have you. Those kind actions hit home for the owner of this wonderful book store. That was very emotional and it brought tears to my eyes. To have my customer and friend react that way. It does impact a store like this? It's a challenge, there's no doubt about it. And we rely on people like Jane who appreciate us and are friends and customers. The moral of the story, don't trust every shopper you meet. Because as we know, you can't judge a book by its cover. Coming up --

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"A woman browses through recipes in a cookbook at a book store. Instead of buying the book, she rips pages out of it and puts them in her purse. How will people react?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"55935874","title":"What Would You Do: Woman rips out recipes from cookbook at book store","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/woman-rips-recipes-cookbook-book-store-55935874"}