What's the best way to organize your bookshelf? | FiveThirtyEight Debate Club

In another episode of FiveThirtyEight's Debate Club, we argue what is the best way to organize your bookshelf.
12:25 | 06/26/20

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Transcript for What's the best way to organize your bookshelf? | FiveThirtyEight Debate Club
I. Welcome back to another meeting at 538 debate club today's crime is something you've likely happen. What is the correct way to organizer but all. And a reminder that each debate participant or get 45 seconds is eight argue a position we open questions intact arguments. And then debaters here remember to include evidence with your point. Anger mater aired dealing here at her. All right up first to dec so when it comes to book collection my argument is first of all duct. And if you must. Acknowledged that it's largely a statement or decoration. Here's a data from the National Endowment for the Arts only 43% of Americans read one or more blocks per year. And only 19% of Americans read tea leaf for measure according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And so if you aren't reading that much you probably don't need to keep a bunch of books around. And even if you are reading that much only 12% of Americans according to you got. Re read books Austin. Yet survey after survey shows that Americans feel like that too much clutter it stressing them out. And they want to. But if you are collecting books. Probably it is in large part for either decoration or a status statement saying that you're part of the intelligentsia. In which case if you want to show the world that your an intellectual or you have a pretty home you should just do whatever looks pretty. Because it's not ultimately that useful and I just creating clutter and. Think year. I rest maybe he's Galen. Maggie it made her games. Still build a little. Galen said and talk about how much money we spend on blocks on average in the US which is only about thirty dollars a person. Which at that rate. Like let's be honest with ourselves most of us are not slip means that duct. Bibles and books around our house even if we're spending twice or three times that much every year. So realistically speaking you don't have to have an organizational system you have. I'm not you don't have to many books that you can't go to your shelves and look at them. And I'd done my best times without any problem whatsoever. I just. I do not have an organizational system. There are so things you're stressed out about America right now that there's absolutely no point in us. Adding more stressed by demanding it be used it to death. Here nagging. RA nights that Jackson and make your case. When you think tax and the right you doubtless picture of Minneapolis are. Rapists acts when he signed an image. To. It seasons here you visualize the model. Time. We're basing your personal book so eye color is ideal marriage of convenience and stacks. Isn't out the easiest organization system to recognize and police looks into. Any human being approaching this understands the system immediately and can search books. Are books objects and absolutely I think it's. Moreover it's like that you interact with the majority of books on your stuff. In 2016 slate reader poll 40% response rate the and it. Likely. Shall it. Also declaration. On loan and prop two it visualization for instance in the red most common bugs but can aren't Smart. Jack and I think you're out. Were you on the high school debate that's. Had a high school team I'm just prepared. All and the events they huge. I the rate gives you are next make your case. Aaron well I have to say that as the owner of more than 1000 bucks I feel personally attacked by Maggie especially about my nemesis Keylon. Fattened the best way to organize your bookshelf is clearly first by genre. And then alphabetically with any China. Now I ran a highly scientific poll. On twitter.com that found that 45%. Of people agree that genre as the best way to organizer bookshelves and in second place came alphabetical order. Furthermore this is the system that's used by bookstores nationwide. It's just until it is in fact many libraries are switching from the Dewey decimal system. 28 more genre books tile based system so I think it's clear that it's just be the most intuitive form for most Americans. Need you for making your kid we are we'll ask some questions here. We will move to the Karen arguments and questions after it has made their case in thinking for us. Except annaly. RA I am going to build up of the image that jasmine chaired the beautiful colors. You're box on the spines. But. Rent and even a little differently instead of those bright vivid reds. There stated there now there Sunday and that's right I am here to attack about. In much maligned but organization and the rebirth spine Rupert spine is not an always bank. And they'd vote organization at the battery lives with specific circumstances. And only those circumstances there under an atmosphere. Did not an aesthetic Sharif added a practical tonight. Union that when your bunch of rats in dire racks on the reverse spine. It's a method you choose to. Preserved. Value your books and protect them from the dam. Jamie you generally running mate I am out here and how do you know which looks you own. Okay. Rate edged you look at their very. Nearly a that you are at last to make your case. But here. So I'd sleepers I or. My box in the background. Needed honor too many cooks because. Called area please I just him Allen's. And I believe that. Organization is at convenience and practicality. It doesn't matter what libraries and bookstores do you you're the only person needs to find your books so. You just need assistance make sense to you meet the person lately it. An air and there are. Self. Did I gunshot. Not some progress but it's using what I do is a separate fiction and nonfiction and separate and not action into different depending on the books. You don't need ties if you have a genre for example your husband's criminology books that takes a personal and asked just this area. Why else would I isn't wasting your time I have repeated at a later. I timed myself finding books and it supports my contention did not eat out ties with John so I coming and it's only a few. You're making my point agreeing that we don't need an organizational system. And isn't Langley he had a team that genre and I certainly aren't you thing. Well. I think pretty free ourselves from the Tierney. Higher coal power station and all the so that he Sharaa. I think we need to acknowledge book collection for what it is which is largely for decoration war as a Cigna fire at status and if that is the case. Looks matter more and function. Which means you should do what is prettiest future parts implants there you can give him some different layers do whatever makes you feel good about your books because they're not they're because you're reading them or re reading man and if you're really in a pinch you can borrow them from the library or by the e-book online. What it really is is an object to show the world who you are. Up. And it's I. Don't help advertise I. Let my argument at a time. Hearing. Or. It. Fox News. Oh. Not just made my point four meters out signifying as part of the intelligence. Sometimes act them. And my point and Melia where is your bookshelf in relation to a window. Are. And there's the self what is the point would like to make Emily. I I think that the river is financed her when your books are in. In a position where they will be damaged by sunlight and sunbeam had on young bucks can significantly affect the Bally. I'm Larry I pretty much stay book equivalent of slicing your bagels you know like Burris. It is just. Beyond the. It would you rather have it both and it's worth 22750. Dollar or under an 89. Actually be resold for anything more than like fifty cents like what but. But keeping around like first editions of Chaucer but. It's pathetic effort that should. Just when I have a question for you. Senate saint Harry Potter books write things on a same author but different colors different colors are you really separating Harry Potter books from each other. Assuming that I have sentiments. Are Harry Potter ass. That's just lining. Yeah. It's her anymore we're no longer eight years old yeah. Actually I have since signed Jackie ruling copies. It's serious and change their mind for art and. And is off to reorganize their account anyway. Going to be announced for me I'm eat it Detroit color. OK. Some great man. Actually you're not I can't it. I can get on board ripple Johnson and Amelie because they're making arguments about the books. At objects more than the books as like somehow magically you're gonna re read too. Thousand books are out there. Just more convinced that might argue that it's about how you use books and now whether you need to access your books frequently. If you want to access and read them. That you should be able to or organize and I'd Stan. If you don't care about that by all turned the spines in an accurate ears like white ball. Books that hit. That's a pretty blunt as it went pretty not to win the shark. Just. Want to sit around and decide. Micro genres of things that's not an eyewitness in my time. It's just read the books does do it they've already essence I'm. I object to using bookstores as. That's about appealing to you know every person who walks at you at your own weird system that is that. Pelletier predict at this theater back their need to me. Viewers featured that I YouTube and later we think in the past argument today. You know. Aaron made me. Into those how you organize your back. And if you look possible debate topics like earth are you and comment below are split by.

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