The Collectors: Beekeeper

A bee is part of a 30,000-member colony. The 2.5 million colonies in the United States are helping to provide $18 billion dollars worth of food-one in every three bites we take comes from bees.
7:17 | 06/26/18

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Transcript for The Collectors: Beekeeper
Brought to you by the 2015. Acura TLX. It's. Big news yeah. The US population of honey bees is about two and a half. Million homes. Each car aid has an average population of the 30000 bees. All of those bees pollinate about eighteen billion dollars worth of crop every year. Meaning that when every three bright food we eat are directly or indirectly. I think more compelling. And openly calling fees fish to 40000 sisters working together. They're cooperating. They're getting longer making this liquid gold. You're talking dance language they are talking through smell. And it's just arms fire. There's a Latin saying this is really hate this non hate this and B is not a there's a real good biological. Reason not to consider individual bees as living things yeah. The whole home as the super or some. You can't survive on its own it needs the collective. And but we do think is happening was losing an average of 30%. Com he's every rancher a nearly 50%. Over the course of the year every year. College the most important and the biggest driver are these for on nights and these are these large parasitic mites. They're sort of vampire mice. That's sat on the planet is dean's team while they spit viruses and cookies and image in these immune system. Somehow these fees known they're sick. Or. Knowing they're sick and fly away from the coma and die away from the com. So that presumably then NASA makes them can. Healthier you are the more nutritionally balanced diet the more you're able to fight infection. The fact that we've taken all the wild flowers away to foreign sleeping there can't be good friends. Want to have president cars meadows that he's can live on. We always try to collect nursed beans. They start eating at home that's in store and a columnist in the feed and care for the yen. I know that at levels are high and that nurse he population. Distance calling it the greatest risk of dying from that disease. Us. Yeah. We take these samples of honey bees and we put them urged national charters are still trying to. That's tilting at Stanford on shaker. Shaker unit for shakes those fees for about twenty minutes. That process decision filter there. We'll drift those mikes we'll get dislodged from the beatings and drift down so when we open that infiltrate through. We can count how many nights there are spins sampled. Then we get that information back to the beekeeper. So they can compare their levels with the average level for that months from all the samples are collected over the years. Now we saying that it's a beekeeper has more than three mites for hundreds. They should be concerned if they have more than five my extra hundred or we think that the colonies might again already just Owens told them. These are really critical to our modern agriculture food supply. The long term solution is to develop these that are resistant. And of evolution has its way. That will happen just we can't afford to lose 99% of the continent countries to produce apples moments. If five made any contribution is tough. Highlight the fact that coordinators and me be specific we have been defined. They're the same beach community. That one stung you know right away whether and he beekeeper not. Gets near blood. That was really the case for me. My name is Dennis then I'll start. I'm papers specializing in the health can be popular. Or.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"A bee is part of a 30,000-member colony. The 2.5 million colonies in the United States are helping to provide $18 billion dollars worth of food-one in every three bites we take comes from bees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"56174537","title":"The Collectors: Beekeeper","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/collectors-beekeeper-56174537"}