What to look for in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals

Neil Paine previews the NBA Eastern Conference Finals and points out which players to keep an eye on who are not named Giannis or Kawhi.
2:50 | 05/15/19

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Transcript for What to look for in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals
Eastern Conference finals begin tonight between Milwaukee Bucks in the Toronto Raptors it's a battle between top to see that we've been waiting for all season long obviously all eyes will be on the two star players and theories Milwaukee. To go vote. And Toronto's coli Leonard. Leonard of course that the raptors to the conference finals with that shot the first game seven buzzer beater in playoff history. He did basically unstoppable all playoff long shooting 54% from the field. 41% and three and averaging 32 points nine rebounds and four if it. Meanwhile you guys has led the bucks to an almost perfect 81 record this season averaged 27 points eleven rebounds and fourth this. While shooting 52% from the fourth south buffalo guys are probably gonna get their numbers in the theory so who should be keeping an eye on that is it came to Hawaii Oregon. Well for the raptors we should continue watching Kyle Lowry that physically he has not had a great playoff. In the seven games against the sixers the average six assessed but only thirteen points while shooting 40% from the four. And he only had 26%. From downtown including one for seven effort in game seven but despite those numbers he's been making its presence felt nonetheless his plus minus for Toronto and these plants is still a very good plus five point two points for 100 possessed. He'll have to keep up effort while simultaneously rediscovering its three point stroke if the rapture and have a chance to move on. I don't know walking side we're looking at Chris middle he scored nineteen points per game shooting 47% from three in the previous series against Boston and he's just one of many shooters they'll need to stay hot. And take advantage of the space the Toronto must give yon sun dried. Milwaukee has attempted the league's second most three point attempts all season long trailing with the famously three point happy Houston Rockets. Despite their superstar on relative lack of three. Do I think overall it's here well the biggest I think it's Milwaukee they give them about it that he 3% implied probability of winning and moving on to the NBA finals. However are modeled disagrees. It thinks that the Toronto Raptors have a 55%. Chance of what accounts for this difference well the Bucs do have believed likely to be key in on the combed. But our Carmelo player ratings stink that five of the next six top rated players in this series actually belong to the raptors. Those players being Larry Leonard passed off the dock them gain a green and mark fell. What about how to solid supporting cast of the owners Middleton. Eric Bledsoe Brook Lopez and nickel mere case this might come down to which group but surrounding talent gets their guard the biggest. Either way it's looking like a really close fear is that you can follow along with the action at 538.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Neil Paine previews the NBA Eastern Conference Finals and points out which players to keep an eye on who are not named Giannis or Kawhi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"63053082","title":"What to look for in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/nba-eastern-conference-finals-63053082"}