Why it only took one player with coronavirus to shutter sports

FiveThirtyEight contributor Jared Dubin outlines why it took just one player's COVID-19 results to halt the sports world.
3:14 | 03/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Why it only took one player with coronavirus to shutter sports
On Wednesday march 11. All start regal air tester there in nineteen. Let's twenty hours later the NBA almost every other major sports lately any show be canceled suspended on the wrestlers he asks it's not hard to see what India says there's no way of knowing if there are so transmitted virus or anyone else. Even though one teeny and Mitchell to test how well. But the rest of the chess team negative so the potential threat from Charles wants single player she each as do most likely hurt the CDC estimates that in nineteen as a possible integration period two to fourteen case should reconsider February 26. Elevenths the T -- us missiles as the possible fourteen days that we see that the jazz schedule games in seven different. In fourteen days worthy announcement of air the tests the jets played the Celtics and wizards home in Utah. Cavaliers and clean the knicks in New York the Celtics again back in Austin this time. The pistons and Detroit the raptors back home in Utah and they were also in Chesapeake arena in Oklahoma City with the owner quarterbacking is probably cancel. Are those other teams didn't only suggest they ought to so there'll. The Celtics edit the rockets nets and pacers to the next teams that already actually. The wizards edit the warriors kings lasers hawks and he. Cast brought in the nuggets spurs and bulls. And the pistons broke in the 76ers. At all and that's twenty NBA teams that played either against the chest or eighteen previously played the jazz during the potential incubation or not only that. Tough play in regional Arenas the NB eighteen shares of facility with an NHL team. The knicks and Rangers play and that's where the Celtics and Bruins used cheap car and the pistons and red wings both clay and he's arena. And those pre teens all played games after the jets were in their apple or the announcement uncle bears policy test. The Rangers lead the capitals and the doubles home also play the stars and the avalanche who wrote. The Bruins play the lightning at home and the flyers' on the and the wings play the lightning and hurricanes or all. There are myriad of other considerations were not factoring in. Things like practice facilities release team work out the rest from their games and where they went on to appreciate where the country where he and bands were added to gains but it during the players are. South course. We've already seen cases the court in nineteen unep these two other NB AT. With Christian would Detroit Pistons and were players on the political mess including Kevin Durant testing. Cases have in turn led other teams like the Los Angeles Lakers who played against the nets to have their players. Case are regal affair and the Utah Jazz demonstrates what state and local governments in the United States continued to cancel mass gatherings including sporting. Doing so may help Latin her irises read aloud that health care system total outlay produced a peek at the operate. Potentially saved the lives people who may have all the rocks because in fact.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"FiveThirtyEight contributor Jared Dubin outlines why it took just one player's COVID-19 results to halt the sports world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"69693159","title":"Why it only took one player with coronavirus to shutter sports","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/player-coronavirus-shutter-sports-69693159"}