How should you social distance?

Should you go to work? The gym? A restaurant?
10:55 | 03/17/20

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Came and he hasn't LA. Not too bad in a period and social distancing and dad pandemic. Outbreak of Justine I think I'd get NRA. The last video. You talked about how. In order to really like lower the burden on our public health system we're really getting need to get social distancing right. I think that we conflicting ideas about what social distancing actually knew until I was hoping that today he talked about. What. Public health officials are very day for us. While and it's reasonable to use because the recommendations have been a little bit they get an. And they've buried from. Expert expert a lot of times so. What are minister if it's kind of the top level saying what CDC news asking you to. They want huge feud tried to limit contact with other people close contact with other people they want she who chew a blade mass gatherings they want you to be washing your hands regularly. They want you to not be shaking hands and hugging and touching other people. What it starts to Nina on a more granular level sex to get complicated and that's where you start to get a lot of d.s sort of different perspectives. So. I know that CDC is telling institutes of higher education. They should be encouraging students faculty and staff to and not be socializing. It out at restaurants and coffee shops and bars. I know that the World Health Organization is recommending that. You're staying three feet apart from other people all times sold you might start thinking of polyps. Where. I go that I am closer and receipt from my bunch of random strangers. Where am I closer than three feet to my friends. What are those kind of settings and how can I cut down on the number of times and and that kind of setting. Ray Sewell I mean. A lot of this still seems sort of personal and and also. You know if your job doesn't allow you to work remotely they're certain situations where you're gonna have to. Ian contact with a lot of other people then treats lake. Now that you've talked all of these different public health officials what are what are managers who are implementing in your life and realizing that these may not be things that actually can deal. Yet I think that it's important to point out you know everybody can interpret the stuffs a little bit differently. M and for me. Personally. That is meaning that IA have decided I'm not going to be having social. Gatherings it in person with my friends. Further for sealed teacher. I have three people mature as intently that I am going to be still spending time but it person but. Otherwise it's. It's mean kids. I also know that it's my name ex husband and I talked and had kind of a big discussion today trying to figure out how to balance the kind of contact that we each sorted. Interpret from these guidelines for kids. And ended up coming to the conclusion that we are not going to be having him play dates with other family is we have one friend of the kid. You seem one kid up a friend who is a single mom and who isn't going to be able to work remotely and we're gonna be doing some help to take care per kid. But otherwise we're not and indeed planning played its American be taking them other peoples house's. So. That is how well we're doing it. I'm not going to restaurants I'm not going to bars I'm not going to coffee shops. I would go to crushed or when I need to amid a try to goal during times that I don't expect to be a lot of other people. And wash my hands. Before I dole Adam gonna watch him come back and that's what I'm not tell. What about exercise. Are you going to the gin I don't you classes. Outlet for locks you know for me I aides think about the amount of times Everett east touched everything at the jam it and it's. I just sort of feel like that's maybe not I need to be doing. What about. Dealing with older relatives for example if you have an older person in your life. Are you visiting them. Or otherwise how can be healthy and. Yes soul. My name from a mother in law is. Under the lady who has watched kids lot and it's is somebody that IE enjoy a. But I'm not going to be going around her myself right now and I known my ex husband is planning on limiting the amount of time that she's around our kids. Because we don't want our kids Hughes spread something to her from intersect. Ray and this isn't really important point rate like it's possible that. Your kids could be on carrying the disease is. And not even know it because it that this illness scenes a fact older people much more than younger people and younger people could potentially be asymptomatic and carry. I like all of the stuff like limiting makes its contact which. Everybody is not a ballots being worried about kids health Adam. It's about the fact that. My four year old pushes elevator buttons with her nose and. And I me. Want to make sure she's not spreading disease around the community. What can people you have older relatives due to to help them out oh. I've seen. Blocks neighborhood blocks passing out notes. Cut informing him. Need indeed. Assistants. Basically like hey if you need to go get you food. Let me you know if you are unable to get. XY or Z for yourself give me a call and something eaten contacts you know you can eat stuff on people's porches you can. Call people on your Skype and give them social attraction that way. You do a lot of things to kind of stay in contact with all and make sure that everybody's needs are being mats and stats we don't have anybody who is. You know suffer B house ability to help each other. From Terry Tito went. High. One of nothing but all this scene caring for older people is that. If you have multiple family members who usually go at it as an older relatives may be limited to just one. Says that you at least cut down on the number of people who could potentially spreading something to an old relative. Right yeah absolutely if you. And like percent based on who is having less contact select if you have one family member who can work from home easily. And it doesn't have kids and it's Leno has this ability to kind of cut their contact and other waste. At some deals might not let it get present use and started play cards grandma. And of course being the reason we're doing this is not the ties. We are afraid that any one person will get sick in fact in all likelihood you won't get sick I won't get sick. Your daughter won't get sick at least anyway that is life threatening the issue is. Sort of where the collective. How do we stop this from spreading and how do we. Think our hospitals they'll operational and getting done some reporting on this Indian. What are the risks to overwhelming hospitals rate now just how many beds for example. Does a typical hospital in the United States have free at any given time I realized at that number probably is different from place to place but do you have any information on the. It's really hard to get him down because it's not something bad. Actually cast reported anywhere hurts so. What the best counts we have news from Matt a few years ago and it was estimating it at around 68%. Capacity for icu beds so at any given point in art out. Average up. 60%. The ice you've examined the hospitals are being used. Now what that looks like. On an individual hospital excess to give you an example idea spoke Quist and sums doctors from and health care which is one of hospital systems here in Minneapolis. Right lives. And they were telling me it it's you know -- return date had less than 5% of their intensive care unit beds available. So last Tuesday. At a called it cases in the hospitals across 32 hospitals. They had 21 at that it. Wow that's that's a staggering number. Pat me. In the same thing it's true when you're talking about medical equipment such talking about tents heaters these machines that seat. Longs working when the lungs are damaged by a respiratory infection that soupy air. We've got me a 100000 of those for the entire country. And those are not distributed. Across the country and they're not necessarily going to be and the places where they're needed. And there's not necessarily it's just been placed ish. Right so. All of these measures than are about making sure that the people who are gonna get sick because there are going to be people who will need medical care because at that. These measures are in place so that we can limit the number of people need any of its equipment at any given time. Right I mean basically the idea is facts before. We have a serious problem. We error. Getting enough people changing their lifestyles and mouse. Bats transmission to slow down. And ex wife and Knox illness. Is not a perfectly understood metric. It's not a things that somebody can give you exact numbers on or necessarily even tell you exactly what you have to do. But basically you should be changing your lifestyle right now you should be limiting the number of people are in contact with on a given day and whatever ways you can. And when nick Yee who can't. We. Nine thank you so much for speaking with me again I really appreciate. You so much for app. Okay.

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