What to watch for on night 2 of the 2020 RNC | FiveThirtyEight

FiveThirtyEight on what to watch for on the second night of the 2020 Republican National Convention.
7:11 | 08/25/20

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Transcript for What to watch for on night 2 of the 2020 RNC | FiveThirtyEight
And I. Yeah. Hello and welcome to our second night of coverage of the Republican National Convention here at 538. We got another big night where a couple more of Trump's children speaking his wife First Lady market trump is going to be speaking. Along where secretary of state Mike Pompeo. So here it need to check in on what we should expect from the evening our senior politics are at a clicked on declare on the ground. Yeah. Another big night. At the Republican National Convention also Uranus is. Elections analyst Jefferies Galley eight Jeffery Alan. And it as a gone. So. You know as we discussed and these. Reviews and previews of the Republican and Democratic National Convention in large part were learning while the parties would they think they are or at least who they want the public to think there are so what can we glean from this night slate of speakers. In terms the kind of message they want a sense of the American public about. Who they are Jeffrey. Well looking get the public list that I've seen. I do you have some more diversity. Last night it sucks and Scott senator from South Carolina is African American. Nikki Haley former governor and you ambassador from South Carolina and tonight you see for example the attorney general of Kentucky. Daniel Cameron news African American. He Jeanette unions. In news tank under Florida looking at those speakers you see. A lot of diversity on for Republican Party that when you actually breakdown. Voters. In terms of support isn't all that Evers its watch. Yeah I think I was what you got some of data yesterday the Republican Party is about 88%. Y eight. Or 12% Y nonwhite when you break it aren't actual voters I compares to the Democratic Party still majority white 60% white. 40%. Nonwhite. Claire what do you make of the lineup for this evening in the kind of message that Republicans plan on Sunday. While I think you know the big speaker that night is one intra rates that carries. Some steam from the first night of the convention which is humanizing Donald Trump. News. You know the Republican strategy is needed to be currently unpopular president says the idea. You know the end his lovely wife portion of the evening. Should be speaking from the Rose Garden so obviously she's able to use a setting that's. Not available to the Democrats right now. And the other cop I I is the fact that one of the Covington Catholic. Students will be in attendance. Who's the kids to. Ginned up a lot of controversies. Because of Iran and they had it a native American protesters. So so that is kind of a continuation of last seen cancel culture land. Political correctness outlet chats so those two things kind of Kopp I think we'll probably be. For me the most interest. Yes I mean it seems like the themes of the night on Monday night and potentially this night Q are. You know diversity but there is really diversity in the Republican Party even though. You know Democrats and there are activists in particular have criticized the party he has hard racist tendencies and the president in particular. The other theme why is you know. Humanizing trump apartment and speak what is different groups if people Frontline workers out the White House and then it also. Kind of cancel culture and political correctness and the culture works. Taken as as a trip you know it was kind of three prominent messages. Does that sound Coca a winning arguments were. You know the American public or at least the voters that the Republicans need in order to. Win the White House once again. Mean based on the 2016 example it can be perhaps a winning coalition. However I'm not sure that given what we know about polls right now where support is for president try and Joseph Biden. Not terribly sure that's going to be a way of winning over some supporters and Angela. President trump has very firm base of support from Republicans. See some speakers tonight for example there's someone new. On aids was a former clinic director for Planned Parenthood and is now anti abortion activists and that that's a very clear play. To the base of the party evangelical Christians for example. But. Showing that diverse side I think he's what is supposed to appeal to suburban white moderates. That being incher spliced areas sort of back and forth with Joseph Biden has a socialist. Which he's made it difficult case to make mom. The that's sort of messaging and it's not sure that that's gonna actually convince people to switch sides which increasingly if you're looking at the polls. If Joseph Biden's support stays. Just north of 50%. Nationally. Answers to get heart Tenet to sort of see how trump gets into a better position to win an integrated managed Electoral College but. I just if you're trying Tate. Pick off some voters I'm not really sure that it's it's going to work but it could I don't write anything off. Via Claire lastly wrapping up here for Corey you know actually get into the evening present drop plans on speaking. Every day during mass Republican Convention in. You know the press hasn't necessarily been ordered to like what. Exactly as planned as each night and of course the formal acceptance speech on Thursday potentially. President trumps. Presidents all four days could boost ratings. Is that what the Republican Party needs like this happen a lot of people watcher convention indicative of anymore so. Porter. Well I think that. Trounce lifelong or at least since early two thousands long. Promise is that he's good for ratings so if you're Republican you like and ET and in. If your Democrat. Or here. If the independent ET in and discuss and I want to see what it's going to be like. Adam that's very odd thing about American politics right now is that everyone wants to watch the show. But maybe for different reasons. So. I don't. Aren't well of course. We will see what Patterson they'll put on tonight. But let's leave it there for now we will be live blogging this evening at 538 dot com walls are covered pot can. Asked after everything wraps the identity politics podcast murdered podcast. And last flight. Subscribe to factored in art YouTube wherever the button is. And I will have more video street later this evening and tomorrow but thank you just click. You.

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