Alan Dershowitz on why people assume he supports Trump

Dershowitz discusses on "The View" how he has been ostracized for coming to the defense of Trump.
4:59 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Alan Dershowitz on why people assume he supports Trump
We are back with a Dershowitz. Before I asked my question I wanted to speak abouthat Meghan said. Alan Dershowitz. The response was what happened to everyone. Maybe it's what happened to everyone el Which I thinkpeaks to the hysteria of the S. When yourrgument falls inin lly with trump, people D see your love is of law. It's so dang that means you can't represent unpopular peo because Y get gged with their unpopularity. You must have lawyers able represent the most despised people I world. Because I was a professor with te I had no excuse. I won some. Me. Whent everyone was happy. Wh won like with O.J. Simpson it what a terrible thing. When you have to defend the civil liberty, you have because it could be you ne Do you think people on Martha's vineyard will hear THA and treat you like they used to? I'm fine. Ba in dialogueithple who weren't originally talking to. This is a bigger issu it's about what's happening on college campuses kids aren't talking to each other. You're a prosecutor. Argue ferocly and shake a S. And we go off drinks after. It's hng in america I hasn't happened since the last president came into fice. Came in and mitchonnell said we're not going to D anything to help you. You're right. Toe that tear which we K was there before hasome so -- Cane try to -- yous a voice. We should all work together. W use it. Bring them together if possible. Ah. Disagree,argue. S Har when somebody keeps wing stink bombs. I know. You need to find a leg argument to impeach him and then we'll likeou more. If that sameal art was used to impeach the next democratic president, you uldn't lik me. Mr. Dehowitz in your new "The case against impeaching trump" you give many reasons why he shouldn't be impeached. Can you give one big reason? There's no evidence he's crd an impeachable crime. If you're goi to remove a president, you betteromply with the letter of the institution. This shouldn't be political. It requires two third vote I the senate. It's like with richa Nixon. Erybody was against him. I Y to make a neutralrg in a readable ways not only for this case, but every case in the future. Impeachment is important and shouldn't beabused. E's the thing. The guy is under investigaon by the FBI for coll, ruction, violatihe emoluments clause. There's a list of G. As youtioned mitchcconnell stole the last supre court E, which think should be illegal but it probably isn't. Why should weive the president who isnder investigation the chance to affeche lives of millions of people with this selection? Because if you don'try president will be put under investigation to prevent them from making supreme cou nominations.when Clinton wng in investigate he took it to the supreme court and T two judges he appointed voted against M. Hasn't Mitch Mcconnell set a precedent? Absolutely. Ongs don't make a T. It's always thereside. Investigating I okay. All we can do I W with the utns we haveight now. Do you think it's a good idea R them to continue to tamper with Mueller? Nobody sho tamper. You can iticize. Criticize is okay. Look Rudy Giuliani, I cricim so much. Nowe's T lawyer for the president. Sometimes you're a defense attorney and soms you're a prosecutor. Maybe I'm skewed because I've only been a defense attorn Hold on. We' going to continue this. We're going to stay here with

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{"id":56488507,"title":"Alan Dershowitz on why people assume he supports Trump","duration":"4:59","description":"Dershowitz discusses on \"The View\" how he has been ostracized for coming to the defense of Trump.","url":"/theview/video/alan-dershowitz-people-assume-supports-trump-56488507","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}