Alison Brie shares the personal story behind her movie ‘Horse Girl’

The actress discusses the theme of mental illness in her latest film and the girl power behind “Glow.”
7:09 | 02/17/20

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Transcript for Alison Brie shares the personal story behind her movie ‘Horse Girl’
It's gorgeous. The last time you were here you were telling us that you and your husband, Dave Franco, are terrible at making plans for things like your anniversary or Valentine's day. Look how hot you guys are. This is distracting. Oh, my gosh. Valentine's day was just the other day. Are you better now at making No, definitely not. Definitely not. No. We're not like a grand romantic gesture household. We're more of like a daily small romantic gesture household which I think is a nice way to be. That's a nice way to be. I feel like we're constantly telling each other how much we love each other and why and -- You do that or you don't? We really do, we really do. Constantly? Oh constantly. Almost like annoyingly. Just kidding, it's wonderful. We're like a card family. We like to surprise each other with little cards that are like, I love you so much. So Valentine's day comes around and we're more just like let's put on our sweats and watch -- do we have a recorded episode of the "Bachelor." You watch "The bachelor"? We're in deep? Really? Guys, we watch ""Bachelor in paradise."" did we watch "Bachelor winter games". It gets a little racy. We just started watching "The bachelor" a few years ago and we were like, we don't watch paradise or anything. Now we only watch the regular seasons of the "Bachelor" so we can prepare for who are going tore our favorites on paradise. Really? It's like fantasy football for us. Wow. You did not grow up in an acting family, right? You came out of the blue like I did and everyone else here. Pretty much, yeah. Even still there are interesting aspects -- well these days my sister's husband is an entertainment attorney. He's my attorney. So my brother-in-law, he handles all my contracts and sometimes, especially lately, on "Glow" and in movies like "Horse girl" as I'm doing a little more nudity it becomes a really funny thing that I'll get calls from my brother-in-law, like hey sis, we're just wanting to make sure you're okay with topless but not bottomless for the two scenes. Then I'll be like, yes definitely. He's like, okay, are we doing half areola or? I'm like, we're going full areola, big bro. Love you, see you Saturday at your kid's birthday. It's a great relationship. Yeah. You got to have a good lawyer in every family. You got to have a good lawyer. Definitely. Your hit show "Glow" is coming back and my husband is absolutely obsessed with it. He thinks it's liked best show ever and so do I but I think he likes all the outfits. You play zoya the destroy. That's right. I love liberty bell too, obviously, the American outfit. But you posted a beast mode video working out getting in shape. Look at you. Oh yeah. Are you always this athletic? You know, I -- Look at you. My gosh. That's hard to do. I'm unabashedly proud of the training I do for the show because I was such an unathletic child. Theatre sports was sort of the closest I got being like a drama club kid. So it's like a real point of pride for me. I work really hard at the gym and learning how to wrestle has been so empowering for me physically, emotionally in every sort of way. It's also just this new point of pride having our wrestling coach who's a pro wrestler, tell me that I'm a natural athlete. I definitely took that one home to my parents, like remember all those years I wouldn't play tennis with you? Or softball, basketball or any So fun to watch. Thank you. It's the best show. It's so fun. It's really about girl power. I'm sure that's one of the reasons why Meghan likes it so much. It has an almost all female cast. Oh yeah, 15 women. And a lot of women behind the scenes as well. Yeah. What are you taking away from that experience? Oh, my god, so many things. I feel like a totally changed person having worked on the show. It's extremely empowering in every way and I think sort of what you were saying that it's so inspiring to see women working in every different facet on a TV show. Our show runners are women. Almost all the people in the writer's room are women. 60% of our directors are women. I've directed an episode last season and I'm going to direct again this coming season. It's inspired me to look around and see women doing every different type of thing and going maybe I could do something like that. I've co-written and produced my first film and that's something that I was inspired to do by watching the women around me on Wonderful. Well you have your new film "Horse girl" coming out. You produced it, co-wrote it and you star in it. I'm sure you're exhausted. It was inspired by events in your own life. Can you tell me what events those were. Less events in my own life but my family's history with mental illness. My grandmother, my mother's mother, lived with paranoid skets fren Ya and I grew up with my mother telling me numerous stories from her own childhood D witnessing the trickledown of that trauma firsthand and I wanted to write a story about -- it's really an artistic expression of my own personal fear of having mental illness if my blood line and not being able to trust your own mind. If something were happening to me would I have the self-awareness. The character I play is very isolated socially. She doesn't have resources to help her when things start getting out of control. I think because my family has this awareness of the mental illness in our blood line, it's been destigmatized for us. We talk openly about things like depression, going to therapy. That's been a healthy thing for me coping with my own depression. So many people don't talk about it and it's still stigmatized somewhat which is why your film is so important. It was really important for us to make this movie from our character's perspective so the audience is going on this journey with her. Hopefully we inspire some empathy towards people who have mental illness. And we have a clip for everyone so let's take a look. I'm having like weird things with time. Weird things with time? Like finding myself places and I don't know how I got there. What does that mean exactly? Like last night I was gone for like 25 minutes and when I looked at the clock it showed that only two minutes had passed. So I did some research online and people talk about carbon monoxide poisoning but I just don't think it's that and then they also talk about alien abductions. Do you believe in that? No I -- not really. An important film. It's an important film. And Molly is hilarious. Molly is just a dream.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"The actress discusses the theme of mental illness in her latest film and the girl power behind “Glow.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69032684","title":"Alison Brie shares the personal story behind her movie ‘Horse Girl’","url":"/theview/video/alison-brie-shares-personal-story-movie-horse-girl-69032684"}