Andrew McCabe says he was 'absolutely not' a leaker to The New York Times

The former deputy FBI director discusses his conversations with former FBI director James Comey.
5:00 | 02/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Andrew McCabe says he was 'absolutely not' a leaker to The New York Times
Um -- bear withe on this one. I don't believe you're a reliable narrator. And I'm not convinced this shot to just some kind of P.R. Campaign to stop yourself fromtting indicted. You were fired at the recommendation of the FBI. Which, in your book, you cite how great of an organization is it, for your lack of candor. I would like you to say that you are not a source for "The new York Times." You were never a source for "The New York Times" or any other publication considering that is what you were accused of. Basically, were you ever a leaker to "The New York Times?" Absolutely not. At in time ever. When I was the deputy director, I was 1 of 2 people in the FBI that had the authority to disclose information to the media. That is baked in the FBI. Way we run media relations. I transacted every day. Why did James Comey deny the claim that he approved your leaks to the press? Mgts I don't know why Jim Comey doesn't remember the conversations in the same way that I do. He was under an enormous amount of stress at the time. He had a lot of other more important things to worry about. I thought you guys wrote everything down? We wrote down things when we were dealing with people we didn't trust. Like the president. Exactly. This is something that got me. At one point, FBI officials tried to convince trump that thort kree ka had tested a missile that was capable of striking the U.S. And he refused to believe it because Putin told him it was a hoax. So H said, listen to this. I don't care, I believe Putin. Okay. How is that not treasonous behavior? How does he get away with saying I don't believe my intelligence, I believe Putin? And the Republican party doesn't sanction him? How does that happen? It's incredibly concerning. It shakes our intelligence professionals to the core. I don't know if it's treason. I don't like to throw that word around. You have to be at war. But we're in cyberwar with Russia. We're always in some way of confrontation, with the Russians in a defensive and concerning posture. If there's one country on Earth that we want to be careful about. One country on Earth that we want to go back to intelligence professionals. Law enforcement professionals and be constantly updated as to how are things going? What are we seeing? Are they stealing our information? Are they moving their troop formations and the globe is this the president has to be able to rely on the information from the places like the FBI and CIA. When we hear that he's not only not consuming that information, not interested in hearing it, not only that he doesn't B us but he believes the adversary rather than us. The one person who has all the answers is Robert Mueller. You say he's not Mr. Casual. If his report come out and he says there is no direct link. No direct collusion between the Russians and the president, will you be sat if ied? Absolutely. Suitly. I have total confidence in director Mueller and the team he's put together. I think the work they have done to date is extraordinary. Just watching it as we all do from the information that becomes public. I will have complete faith in the conclusions that they draw. I think those conclusions should be shared with the American in the absolute broadest way possible. Let me ask you something that stuck with me. You say in the book, you compare trump to a Russian mob boss. That is something you know something about. You spent part of your career investigating the Russian mob. You say he worked you over the way a criminal brigade would operate. Tell me the similarities? Because we think he's a little bit more don corleone, frankly. You can pick your favorite organized crime group and the analogy still appapplies. I was experiencing things in the oval office that I had seen on the streets. The relationship between the leader and those around him who carry out the rule. That almost obsessive fixation on loyalty. Are you with us or against us? On our team or the other side? In those manipulative communication styles. Trying to get you to adopt a narrative or a certain set of facts. It was all those same sorts of things I saw in the oval office that I was familiar with because of the work I did on the streets in New York. Maybe they'll make him an offer he can't refuse. Resign.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"The former deputy FBI director discusses his conversations with former FBI director James Comey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61170855","title":"Andrew McCabe says he was 'absolutely not' a leaker to The New York Times","url":"/theview/video/andrew-mccabe-absolutely-leaker-york-times-61170855"}