Biden transition officially begins

As President-elect Joe Biden's presidential transition is allowed to proceed after a 16-day standoff, "The View" co-hosts react and weigh in on his historic Cabinet nominations.
7:46 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for Biden transition officially begins
Let me just say S long, farewell. You know who is ranting that he will never concede. His lawyers are still claiming that the election was stolen from him, buthey won't tell you by who. Yesterday the general services administration head, Emily Murphy, finally acknowledged that President-Elect Biden can formally begin his transition of power and Biden announced some key and historic members of his cabinet. Now, when you heard this news, all of it, Ana, what did you think? Did you think okay, we can take a deep breath? I thought about damn time. We lost some precious time on transitioning. You know, I don't want to forget this lady's name, Emily Murphy, because she held the process hostage. She wrote this letter also yesterday which was petty and all about her. She did make a good point -- and I said before on this show, I think there needs to be revisions to the transition law, to the act that allows this so one obscure political appointee does not have the sole power of holding up the transition. Now to the good news, there are some great Biden appointments. So it's refreshing to see people who have such a depth of perience, who are not political, who are not grifters, who are not under investigation. Most of these people have served as deputies of the departments they'll no heading. I am -- my heart smiles and sings at the idea of Al hand Dra Alejandro mayorkas. He wrote the most beautiful tweet. He wrote when I was young the United States provided me and the family a place of refuge. Now I'll beominated to oversee the protection of all Americans and all those who flee persecution. Hallelujah. We're rid of theen Miller era. I'm so proud of him as an immigrant. As an American, I'm so grateful. How about you, joy? I go along with all that. I realize I've been in a rage for four years. You're just realizing this now. We came this close. We basically came this close to a dictadictatorship. I don't think people get that 100%. I'm happy to get rid of people like Stephen Miller and the rest of the cast of the "Lord of the flies." I'm happy to have John Kerry dealing with climate. Climate change is one of the things -- when I was a kid I worried about nuclear war all the time. When I was youj they made us hide under the desks. I would say why would I bring my library books back when we're all going to die in a nuclear war. It explains my childhood. Thanksgiving. It explains a lot, joy. Duck and roll. Now as I grow up and have children and a grandson, I worry about climate change. When I die, that child going to deal with fires and floods and what have you. It makes my heart feel better that somebody like John Kerry is in there. Agneral motors is now backing Biden. These people would be drilling in the middle of central park if they could. I'm so relieved and I want my rage to dis now. I want to be happy. People online are writing to me, joy, get happy again. I'm happy. This is a happy face? This is happy joy. Yeah. This is it. How about you, sunny? You know, I'm happy to see joy happy. I believe for the past four years she's been in a rage. I've been very happy also. I'm getting the some comments online. We've been going through this constitutional crisis. As an attorney, I've been really concerned and upset for the future of the entry. Now I see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, especially with the gsa saying the transition canbegin. Here's the $6 million you need. We'll have these meetings. I had the opportunity to fly on a long flight from L.A. To new York with John Kerry. We just happened to be seated next to each other. He has such depth of knowledge. He is -- he has served our country. I was just sort of blown away ate depth of experience. To have him not only in a position of taking care of the climate, he also has a cabinet level position. That certainly gave me a lot of comfort. The fact that Biden hasn't appointed anybody with his last name, doesn't have people with limited experience in these important positions, and most importantly for me, whoopi, the cabinet reflects the demographic shift of this country. It's shaping up to look like all of us. You have Janet Yellen as treasury secretary. You have a cuban-born dhs head. I like -- I actually love what I'm seeing out of the Biden campaign. Excellent. What about you, Sara? I'm really excited. Kind of piggy backing on what sunny said, we're seeing why representation is so important. If it doesn't reflect the people -- this is a government for the people. It should look like theeople or those interests aren't being considered and put in the front of line. I think that we're hitting all these firsts. There was an article about how young people are less likely to trust a woman leader. If you can't see it, it's hard to believe it. The fact we're starting to see the faces of people that will eventually we won't have to talk about all these firsts. It will be a descriptor. We need to chair for them now in order to get to the day we don't have to talk about that, where they're just qualified and nothing else matters. I'm so excited to see the people reflected in these appointments. It's an extraordinary thing. You know, Joe said from the very beginning he would make, if he was nominated, he would make big changes so that his cabinet reflected the country it was representing. He's done exactly what he said he would do. So, I'm thrilled. I'm very happy.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"As President-elect Joe Biden's presidential transition is allowed to proceed after a 16-day standoff, \"The View\" co-hosts react and weigh in on his historic Cabinet nominations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74381670","title":"Biden transition officially begins","url":"/theview/video/biden-transition-officially-begins-74381670"}