Bret Baier discusses Sean Hannity's relationship with Trump

The Fox News host spoke with "The View" about the comments by a White House aide about Sen. McCain and whether fellow host Hannity's relationship with Trump is appropriate.
8:22 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Bret Baier discusses Sean Hannity's relationship with Trump
news network we know that president trump watches, so maybe he is tuning in to see their chief political anchor hit the hot topics table. Please welcome the author of the new book, "Three days in Moscow," Bret Baier. It's so nice to see you. Thank you. Miss you. I loved working with you so much. Before we start, your incredible wife, Amy, is here. I'm so happy to see you two. You are my couple goals. I love that you have -- people need to know that you have a really strong woman behind you. I definitely -- I'm a lucky man, and I'm playing above the rim as you can see. The two of you together or do you have a third person living together? I did hear about that. I'm not sure. Never heard of it. We don't, do we, babe? No. Let's start with the story we tried to break down, but I failed endlessly at earlier. Trump disclosed he paid his attorney, Michael Cohen, $130,000 last year. Is there a version where trump didn't do anything wrong? Rudy Giuliani came out and said this on an interview with Sean hannity, and I think that was part of the strategy to get it out there because they knew this was going to be disclosed. I agree with you, sunny, that there is a lot more questions about money. Ronan farrow has done good reporting. There are payments they are trying to track down, and I think there is a lot we don't know yet. On the flip side, there is a lot we don't know about the start of the investigation, and the ig is going to come out, and they have to have as much time and coverage and attention. Okay. All right. Apparently, you know, they are still hung up on leaks at the white house, and they haven't sort of stepped up and made an apology for this ridiculousness that's been going on. Now -- About Meghan's father. Yeah. As the guy who is leading the country, would you feel better if he stepped up and said, listen, we don't -- this is not what we're doing? We don't condone this. Apologize. Yeah. First of all, you know, we cover all aspects of Washington, and as you know, it's very divided in the country, but there is something about decency, and I'm sorry that you and your family had to go through all of that. Thank you, Bret. You know, it's -- it shouldn't have to be that way, and I think it's important to, you know -- to make that clear. Right. Now how they handle it and what they do, we're going to cover all sides of it, but I think as a country, we can be decent and -- What's the big deal? And it pains us you had to go through that. You think it would be a good idea just -- I'm not advising him. I'm covering him, you know? No. I understand, but you're talking about decency, and decency is important, and we have lots of young people who watch your network who are taking a page out of that book, and I -- does it -- as an American, does it bother you that we can't seem to just say I'm sorry I made a mistake? Yes, and I cover all of this, and if you watch my show, you know, some of the loudest critics at fox don't watch my show. On the news side and there is an opinion side. I say to people, just watch my show three times andn e-mail or a tweet and tell me what you think. So I'm telling you as a person here, do I think decency should drive the day? 100%. I'm going to cover all sides fairly. I watch your show every night. You are the news guy. You're not an opinion guy. You are not a pundit, and don't you think it's a dangerous time for the news right now with this idea that everything is fake -- everything he says, and if he doesn't like it and it's negative, trump says it's fake news. I think that does you a disservice. What do you think? Yeah, and I think, you know, any time that any reporter who is trying to report things fairly, gets over theirskis, no matter their ideological bend, it hurts idealistically. I saw Jake in this seat, and he said things I identify with. There are facts out there, and we need to try to get there, but if you go too far and you throw your opinions into it either side, it hurts us all journalistically. If trump keeps lying every day -- he is up to nine a day. Nine a day. Yeah. How is anybody -- his base doesn't know what is the truth and what isn't the truth because they believe what he says? From their point of view, the resistance is going over the top and lying about X, Y and Z. You have to call facts facts and I agree with you. You try. You try. It's, like, drinking from a fire hose. Every day I'm one tweet away from changing my rundown. It's fluid and fast-moving. People see Fox News as the administration's mouthpiece, and I don't know if it helped it's been reported that Sean hannity talks to the president nightly before bed about the day's musings. Do you think that's appropriate? I understand Sean is on the opinion side of the network. Right. But as a representative of the network that Sean is, is that appropriate? First of all, the network overall is not a mouthpiece. There may be opinion shows that have a direct relationship with the president, and Sean is not calling me and giving me a download of the call. Yeah. I was on his show the other night, and he said, how much problem do I cause the news division? Scale of one to ten, and I said, a solid six, but it depends on the day. Listen. We're going to cover it. There are people who have opinions and are clearly driven and have a relationship with this president, and they are going to do their thing. I have horse blinders on from 6:00 to 7:00. I have to do all sides fairly. Let's talk about your book, "Three days in Moscow." It's coming on the heels of president trump's own summit with North Korea which -- May not happen. We don't want know. Tell us a little bit about it. It's the same format I wrote about Eisenhower, "Three days in January," and it looked at the last three days of the Eisenhower administration, and showed how he got there. This is the Moscow summit, the fourth with Reagan and gorbachev, and we uncovered the details and stories and I bounce back and show how Reagan gets to that moment. He talked about come ewe Mitchell falling apart, and when he speaks to Moscow state university students, it's really something. If youoogle it and watch it on YouTube, no matter your ideology, left or right, it will give you goose bumps. They had a great relationship, I remember, and gorbachev was adguy. I don't know about this one with Putin and trump though. I'm suspicious of this relationship, are you? You should be. It's clear that Russia attacked the United States, and in a big way. That's right. I don't think we know fully the extent of that. I will say that they have been attacking the U.S. For eight decades and I'm going back to when -- That's unusual. Reagan was the head of the screen actor's guild, and the soviet union was trying to get in. I think it's -- people want the president to speak out more about Putin. Why doesn't he do you think? Well, we'll see. We'll see is right. I want to thank you so much for coming here. You know I'm such a fan of yours professionally and personally. I want to thank you for your friendship for so long. You and your wife, and this amazing new book, all of you can come -- I'm sorry. You can catch him on the special report, and "Three days in Moscow" is available now. Everyone in here is getting a copy.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"The Fox News host spoke with \"The View\" about the comments by a White House aide about Sen. McCain and whether fellow host Hannity's relationship with Trump is appropriate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"55235761","title":"Bret Baier discusses Sean Hannity's relationship with Trump","url":"/theview/video/bret-baier-discusses-sean-hannitys-relationship-trump-55235761"}