Chef Bobby Flay upgrades lunchtime with recipe from ‘Bobby At Home’

The celebrity chef talks about his new book, trip to Italy and whether Giada De Laurentiis is a better cook than him.
6:33 | 09/27/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chef Bobby Flay upgrades lunchtime with recipe from ‘Bobby At Home’
We're getting a major lunchtime upgrade right now 'cause celeb chef Bobby flay is serving us up some recipes from his new book "Bobby at home, fearless flavors from my kitchen." Please welcome back, chef Bobby flay. Folks at home can't smell what you've got cooking. It smells so amazing. So happy to have you back. A lot of garlic. We hung out recently. I got to do an episode of beat Bobby flay. She did. I love that show so much. Thank you. It's amazing. It hasn't aired yet, so we can't tell you what happened. Tell everyone what a fantastic competitor I am. I didn't know how competitive you were. You brought your a game for sure. Unlike in jeopardy? Unlike in jeopardy. Sorry to bring that up. Thanks, Meghan. Based on the fact she's not taking a knife to you, I think she did well. Bobby you got back from Italy. I was. What did you heat? I was in Rome and tuscany. We were shooting a show there. I ate all the classic pastas of Rome. Listen, it's pizza and pasta all day long in Italy. Delicious. Car bona ra is a deal breaker. Bacon and cream. Who is the better chef you or Johnna? Johnna for sure. That's sweet. She's amazing. I'm obsessed with Italy and she was born there. Does she ever eat anything? She's very skinny. She loves aye rug la. I love the international influences in your cuisine. I love Chile peppers and the Latin flavors. That's how I got my career going. You dedicated your new book "Bobby at home" to your mother Dorothy. Yes. My mother passed away last year. She -- I always say the dishes -- people ask me did you cook a lot with your mom? I did a little bit. She made pork chops with applesauce, lamb chops with mint when she was going gourmet for the applesauce, she would take it out of the jar and put cinnamon in and say gourmet. Where do you grow up? Manhattan. Are we allowed to eat something? Sunny it's not a competition. Always a competition. What are you making? I got inspired in Miami. Joe's stone crab is one of my favorite places. We do something in my office called crabs giving. We bring up stone crabs from Florida. We crack them an serve them classic, but we make different dishes. We take the crabs. I'm using blue crab, garlic, white wine, lemon and a little bit of anchovy. It's a very light pasta dish. Just coat it with the crab and sauce. Dlish. What's the difference between white anchovy and black? Black anchovies -- the white anchovies are like the Spanish ones. Then the darker anchovies are cured. You can chop those up and put them in anything. Anchovies are like the bacon of the sea. If you put them in a dish, it makes them good. Everything is better. You have chicken with salsa Verde, green sauce. Every culture has its own version of a green sauce. That is mediterranean. We have some flat bread. All these recipes are in your Yes. You have Chiles also. Crushed red pepper, garlic, lemon, pasta water and that's it. I binge watched you when I was pregnant. I loved when you were talking about cooking for your daughter. You learn from her taste. You said you love when they wake up from cleep overs to make them pancakes. Sophie is now 23 and she's a reporter. She graduated from school and she's getting a paycheck, which we love. I tell new parents to just feed your kids whatever you're eating. Doesn't mean they're going to like it every time, the more you expose them to different kinds of foods the more they'll like it. I love that. Can you adopt me? Can you imagine waking up to this? Sleep over. How does it taste? Amazing. So good. Joy is saying it's good. I scarfed it down. Is this spinach or kale? It's kale. People are eating a lot of vegetable-driven dishes. At my restaurant we have tons of vegetable dishes. This is kale with pine nuts and raisins. Do you like it? I love it. It's all in the book. Now tir ma Su -- This is desert? Yes. I didn't even get to that yet. This is amazing. Can you come back every Friday? Here's the deal. Tir ma Su there was a restaurant that opened many years ago on the upper east side. It was like the first of its kind. There was a woman who brought me in the back and showed me how to make tir ma Su. I make that -- it's my go-to tir ma Su. Our thanks to chef Bobby his cookbook "Bobby at home" is available now. Members of our studio audience are going home with a copy.

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"The celebrity chef talks about his new book, trip to Italy and whether Giada De Laurentiis is a better cook than him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65908628","title":"Chef Bobby Flay upgrades lunchtime with recipe from ‘Bobby At Home’","url":"/theview/video/chef-bobby-flay-upgrades-lunchtime-recipe-bobby-home-65908628"}