Chef Jamie Oliver cooks recipes from his book '5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food'

The celebrity chef prepares a few dishes from his new cookbook with "The View" co-hosts.
5:29 | 01/09/19

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Transcript for Chef Jamie Oliver cooks recipes from his book '5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food'
written a cookbook for anyone who thinks they don't have the time or skills to make a home cooked meal, called "5 ingredients: Quick and easy food" and he's putting me to work because he knows I don't know jack about a pot and pan. Please welcome Jamie Oliver. We're happy to have you. What did you do over the holidays? I had kids, presents, cooking, too much to eat, too much to drink. I didn't embarrass myself too much. It's all good. I wish you were in my family. All I do is cook. My wife never cooks. I always cook for her. Tell us the names of your kids. It was poppy, then it was Daisy, then it was petal, then it was buddy, then the latest one in the team is river. They're all mine and I love them to bits. One boy? Yeah. It's all about five. Five ingredients, five presenters, five kids. Can we eat now? I'm a slow learner. It's taken me 20 years to work out for people who haven't got time and it's the shopping list. If you look in the book here, we've broken it down. Five ingredients, it's about family, combinations that work together. In front of you we've got desserts, salads, a beautiful Italian steak there with the pesto. We've got the hoisin chicken there. We've got beautiful cherry mousse, lentil salads. I'm happy to start. If I may, whoopi, can I get you cooking? Absolutely. Five ingredients, working hard, it's about texture and focus. Each one is just five ingredients? Yeah. That's wonderful. That's a great idea. About three of the ingredients you probably have in your home right now today. What we have is we're scoring this chicken breast and that's allowing it to cook quicker and set the flavor. Then if you can put this black bean sauce into there. Into the scores? We can then season it with salt and pepper. Black bean sauce? Yeah. Where do you get that? Wrong location. You can just buy it at the store? Absolutely. It's so easy to get. This is Monday through Friday meals. That's a marinate, guaranteed flavor and seasonings. We've got a hot pan. I've got noodles and broccoli in here, that's the two ingredients, the chicken three, black bean sauce the fourth, and then some peanuts. It's about texture and flavor. Can you give that a good pounding? She'll give you a good pounding. Who do I see in there? Just think of someone you don't like. By the way, I love these things because you can chop so much. What are these called? Pestle and mortar. This is the most ancient kitchen gadget. This represents flavor, hope. This is about spices, herbs, marinade. Whoopi, you're doing such a good job. Thank you. We're going to sear this chicken. Because it's live TV, I wanted to kind of get you into it. We're going to cook this chicken for three minutes each side. What we know is two things and go with me on this. It looks like I've burned it. No, that's called flavor, right? Where I've scored it, it has cooked it quicker. It's got the seasoning in but it kind of looks cool. So this chicken is cooked. This is going to go onto the board and I'll slice this about a centimeter thick. Don't go in the sink and wash this out. That is flavor. At this point we want to accept that flavor and grace it into your life and hug that flavor. I'll take the noodles and broccoli and that's going to dress it in the most delicious way. Did you cook the broccoli and noodles together? Exactly. I'm only using two pans. You can turn this around in 10 to 15 minutes. Have a go of that, whoopi. Have a little tossup. Watch out, sunny. You're all right. Sunny -- Can I ask you an honest question? I'm pregnant with twins. Yes. I need your parenting advice but it's a boy and a girl. What is the difference in gender? I've got three boys, two boys. The girls are more emotionally intelligent. The boys are like machines. They just need to be fed. They help all the time? All the time. It's a busy house. When we look at this chicken, can you see how juicy that is? Yeah. It's kind of like charred on the outside, juicy in the middle. It's delicious. Do you feel like you can't overcook the chicken? How long are you cooking the chicken? It depends how thick it is and how hot your pan is. If you slice it you can see if you've undercooked it. You shouldn't see much pink in the chicken, right? No pink? How lucky am I to be cooking with whoopi Goldberg? It's like a dream come true. I grew up loving your work and now I get to feed you. Well yes. And then we've got the crushed peanuts. You have to come back. You said your wife doesn't work. You do the cooking. She cooks for the kids but I like to cook for her. Thanks to Jamie Oliver. Members of the audience are getting a copy of his book "5 ingredients: Quick and easy

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"The celebrity chef prepares a few dishes from his new cookbook with \"The View\" co-hosts. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60267986","title":"Chef Jamie Oliver cooks recipes from his book '5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food'","url":"/theview/video/chef-jamie-oliver-cooks-recipes-book-ingredients-quick-60267986"}