More denials on anonymous NYT op-ed

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on the statements coming from White House officials.
4:11 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for More denials on anonymous NYT op-ed
So, honey, nerve the white house,ncding the first lady, ve issued denials [ la that theyrote the anymous op-ed ab worng against know who. And sterday, I ma ltl joke toabby.because he dad is a diplomat. I said it's probably your dad. Dad to issue a denial. Ye M wrote, come the find W you're serving as a U.S. Envoy in Moscow ye easy all de anything sent be would have carried myme. Lesson I learn early on. My dad would his name on it and resigned. I disagree. I Thi I the guy had come out, it would have gone into the wind like everything else. Trums obstructing squus tis and nody does anything. This guy comes out and -- R she. Guy or girl. Nothing would have happened. Was strk by melaa's stat says- Do N do not do -- I can't do it. Don't do I C do she say, people th no names writing ournation's history. Wos are important accusns canead to vereconsequees. If a person is bold enough T accuse people of negativeaks, they have respoility to public their W an people have the right to be ab to fend themselves.asar as I recall --ho wrotethat, Michelle oh bah ma? [ Ch and apple I -- I recall that laniaas als a birther. Ye I know that for a . Right? Weren'those words very important? How about, I reallyon't care, doyou? How abhose words? How about th W aboutthat? I think it wash came out th that statement. Hink it' going toe back to bite this persnk about . It's made it difficult for people that having in the administration, that are T quote une adults. But now, they' going T T twice every time theyo push ck because they're trying to figureut who this person is. D't you think it -- does it a sitting president N feels dangerous thing to do in this count Didn't useto be. Yes. Feone who wants to dopeople's leg you know, Obama took ahrap any other prest. And -- hook I from all sides. And htillid hisjob. Georgeusra from both georgeushnior. Don't have theconeso take is O ri Americans, cause we' suppod to be able to Sarks ion'te what you'reg, without fear of retaliation. And the minute -- Good point. -- This idea that he I -- like, dude, what you doing? He's C them Doe he ow? O whoed treasonnhelsinki? This is simil Nixon who W paranoid at thd. Heasaking to portraits of rmer presidents. They're all against me he had an enemies list. This is deja Vu all over again for anybody that rbers watergate. He had an enemi LI I didn't te that time. But I'm on T And onnday, you know- omarosa's coming on Monday. We're ING talko her about a whole B of STUF

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on the statements coming from White House officials.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57682606","title":"More denials on anonymous NYT op-ed","url":"/theview/video/denials-anonymous-nyt-op-ed-57682606"}