FBI agent Peter Strzok grilled at joint hearing

"The View" co-hosts discuss what they believe the hearing accomplished.
5:05 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for FBI agent Peter Strzok grilled at joint hearing
Yesterday, FBI ag Peter strzok was grill on capitol hill over a textha he with woman he was having an affairwith. The woman asked the question he's not ever going to be president,s he? And strzok, the fbigent said, no, he's not. L S it. Okay. So thatas caused a hulla-baloo. Here's his nation. In ter of the texthat we willtop it. You need to stand that that was wring late ani O the cuff, in re to ariesf events that included then caate trump insulting the immigrantamily of a fallen war hero. Andy presumption based on that horrible disgusting behavior, that American population would not elect someone demotrating tt behave to be president of the united es He's saying it wasn't I, correct me if I'm work. Not I or the fbiay we'll stop him. It's the americaeople who could have been so appalled B the way he attacked a gold star family, that theyould Nev vote for him. P.S. It's a horror. Khazirkhan. I always want T say his name. At the , I rememberhen that happened.m a life long Republican. Conservative first, though. I was horrified by at. Ialled trump a silver spoon draft dger at the time because how dare ho khazanand his family. When heavoided the draft five times. Other lownt was attacking your father. I understand C Republicans had. Oh, this guy, ihefbi, he was head of the Hillary Clinton e-mail ligation. And he did something to stop trump. But, this was -- personal nversation. He is only one of many guys. If you saw othercls, it will he talks about there's multiple layers an investigation of that level. Heco't stop anything by elf. If he wanted to stop Donald ump, he could have leaked to the press tru was under investigation withrussians. He did not D at. So if he wanted top it he could have. That wt his only text. He said just wasn't to south Virginia Walmart, ild smell the trump support. There were L of very anti-conservative, incendiary I will say,congressman STE Cohen wanted to G him a purple heart, if could give you peheart, I would give you one. I watched a ton O hearings. I thought it waskabuki theat onoth sides. Congren on both sides of the ais trying to get CLI on MSNBC. They should pull the cameras out it. I want to see it. Lingsomeone, if you were afen by khazir khan,you ld be offendedy someone saying he should get a pple heart. He was talking about T abuse in the hearing. I ridiculous. People get their legs blown off for purple hearts! I went back and forth W Carly, my producer we were debating if this is transpency to have this on air. When we come to intnce agencies, they should be separate fromhe Normal open -- they don't talk Abo anything classified Y could ask him andecide to charge him withmpt. E are rules. E want to protect intelligce and national secure the should be handled on the side. And they have. Iorked on capitol hill for years. I sat through manyrings of all kinds. It wasangaroo court. They doclos-door hearings for sensitiveinformat Why not -- Because of the oversight figs uh Funn. Transparency. We anohat is going on. T should be a commission like 9/11, where it'sseparate, bipaanying out politically. This didn't accomplish anything. THAs a mirror of thecivil nature of what we're doing in politicsse days. A lot these Republican ressman were -- Let's not sayust Republicans. Democrats were doing it, too. Theublicansere saying, see, I'm with -- they're a of losing their seats beca they H to agree with trump. Go steppin down. He's not going te in office. I wish he would. He is, H G your wish. Please with your clappine of the good one.for real. No, he's not. This I the problem, do you nt trump people or not trump people. WHEs the bell? Iate that bell! That bell isever coming back. We'll be right back with more

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what they believe the hearing accomplished.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56570582","title":"FBI agent Peter Strzok grilled at joint hearing","url":"/theview/video/fbi-agent-peter-strzok-grilled-joint-hearing-56570582"}