George Papadopoulos and wife Simona Mangiante discuss Russia investigation

Papadopoulos and Mangiante discuss their experience in the investigation.
6:24 | 09/11/18

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Transcript for George Papadopoulos and wife Simona Mangiante discuss Russia investigation
Back form attract campaign aide George app adopt a list. Who's joined dip to run the table what his wife Simone out my job day. So. And George had a whirlwind romance write yet and got married after eleven months. And it's really quick very glad that what it would dating mall the mall or investigation showed up wanting to talk to you about. Shortage. What did they say what did you tell them. That's a very interesting question because there way into the city boats in me and George. The first fact of the interview when I went out what was the figure out there was it was if it was a spy. Are you know. And that mentality so how effective ticket fine defense five have a mini time on why am Russian plan. It's something you're kind of romantic Yemen because you're Italian I don't ride and 100%. Back I don't know what's wrong with my accent something must niece over there that everybody in the Internet is selling you don't have an Italian hasn't that you don't didn't foul thing at the end I can't try to though that's moment. If your idea that's as though they Wear a very much interest at the network beat Tony Kronos. It was it's where. We've been approached it by a spice. And FBI agent where that can be pulling acts now I'll be at the time I get the notes aren't that's well it's was at this time now. In invited me for its feet so there is so in nation need going to those beautiful Greek island that we sent Doran. And the stuff you'll see old city packed their own and that is that old Amanda from Israel was trying to tell me. Strange stinks like what are you doing here and Saddam here for George like you are right. Like suggesting we weren't there and soft on the same type of nations rapid and then invited both Abbas and Israel and he was talking. Editing and knocking the I would ask him whether you believe they would that answer was everywhere nowhere. Wedding at some and in it she would dance for me which would which sent the first ones that want to put his music that type of tact there. And then we found out later in the interview with the FBI they cast me about this meeting that that his first son. Was source top. They didn't quite a fight that way about it's my understanding right now it was sort of talk and trappings origin financial crime way. He handed. What and thousand dollars in the hotel room and Kennedy but. I depends on his feet by one back to wound on what I was leading at the time. That's it everything was so crazy yet look where approach than they did it as showed that I have this. Handsome guy united agreed to make an honest and an all these crazy people around the I this thread Bannister went so high income and that's why it. A man then my cell door and right you've got married if you get data through love is in George you've never even met her family before. No amount of oil a day they attack our Russian. For the most Italian they're the most compelling incredibly could ever imagine playing monopoly on what might have been like when you basing it basically been secluded in Chicago. People don't often talk about the personal side of this because it you know obviously there's a legal site but what has life been like for you to. It. To me as being not leaving everything behind and jumping and a store mob and investigations. Meeting with some by the on the investigation and being called myself an investigation on not being subpoena venue there. And so it where it scared the that a careful about so if people we put trust that would basically became where reciprocal companies like to put our sedate. And I suck seeing the need the added characterization of sorts it was self defense from bullies. That I really. I accepted the first in addition to say when needed to these visit patriots I know how much he loves and in this town they must wanted to put their rates and that's a that's feeling that there was treated like somebody for a siding with trump and then betraying his country was still not tool well at. Not to too rough but. You have been sentenced to jail. And in my view it was a gift because lying to the FBI generally you would get five years in prison. You're getting fourteen days in prison and your lawyer calls you the first domino. What was your reaction to back to the sentencing to the sentencing and being the first being the first domino to possibly bring down this presidency. I I was SP about sometimes saying I felt there really was the first time my I was related human. In over a year by the judge. You know I hated deserved the punishment and amid extremely remorseful for lying to FBI which I did tonight willfully. Pled guilty to doing that then I deserve punishment for that anybody who breaks along this country deserves punishment sought and I'm certainly not one that's above a new law. If you think you were doing anything wrong why would you lie to the FBI about it. You know I've talked about this a couple times and you know I think I was torn eaters point nine at the time I had just. Finished working for around ten or eleven months on this campaign a campaign in which I really believe then. I was at the inauguration I was in touch with the transition officials trying to get a job in the administration. And I found myself all of a sudden pinned between the Department of Justice in the sitting presidents you know asking about hacking Russian interference. Potential collusion and if I was an Israeli spy if I mean there is a lot of our madness going on in this interview. You know and Don Knotts. I regret completely that I light in this interview. If you are asked by the trump team now once this is over to work for them again to work on the campaign or to work for the White House. I'm really curious after all you been director now knowing his truck presidency would you say asks. You know at this time I definitely hurts it's taken a break from politics and and just are really support my wife fight we have a project going on in California right now. And so I'm she's been here for me up this entire year you know she's not somebody who de. Who lacks options if you want institutions is great for you haven't totally turned on track pentium. I want the president to succeed I don't wants in this country until fall and that but I'm loyal to my country first and foremost you know I'm not loyal to the president of the loyal to this country. Thanks mormons Donte'.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"Papadopoulos and Mangiante discuss their experience in the investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57748910","title":"George Papadopoulos and wife Simona Mangiante discuss Russia investigation","url":"/theview/video/george-papadopoulos-wife-simona-mangiante-discuss-questioned-russia-57748910"}