Gloria Estefan shares about the all-star Thanksgiving event ‘Nurse Heroes Live!’

The Grammy-award winner told “The View” the event will benefit nurses and how she’s remained connected with her grandson throughout quarantine.
8:40 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for Gloria Estefan shares about the all-star Thanksgiving event ‘Nurse Heroes Live!’
Thanksgiving is less than a week things are looking a little bit different for everybody this year. What's your plan for celebrating? Well, you know, yearly our plan is we hold our favorite event of the year which is feed a friend where we feed over six different organizations from big brothers and big sisters, lands for the homeless. E we can't do it this year because it's just not safe. So we made donations to each and every one of the organizations that has come out to help them give a good Thanksgiving to the people that are apart of their organization. At home later, I always host Thanksgiving dinner. This year we're going to do it by zoom. Everybody in their own home because, you know, a couple of people that come are elderly. We're really trying to stay as safe as possible so that next year it's going to be a big blowout. We'll have the vaccines, god willing, everything will look completely different than it does this year, but our job is to stay as safe as possible. -Hmm. Yeah. Like so many of us it's been hard to stay together, and you're incredibly close with saw -- Sasha, your 8-year-old grandson, and he's the apple of your eye. How have you stayed connected with him? I am vr grandma. Virtual reality. We have a song. Vr grandma, wish she was my grandma I do it with him, and we're in the same room sculpting stuff, and he calls me when he has a break because he's doing school digitally, and when he has a break from school, he calls me. Thankfully he calls both we are like grandma tag teaming, and you make it work. That's all you can do. Yeah. That's right. Sunny? Well, election day -- turning to the election, election day was almost three weeks ago, and no matter how you feel about the outcome, things are still kind of crazy, right? I mean, we've talked on this show about trump getting a higher level of support among Latinos in the miami-dade area which is where both you and Ana live, and that happened primarily in the miami-dade area than in the rest of the country. Why do you think that that was, and what do politicians need to learn from that? You know what? I wish I had answers for you. Obviously we are all verklempt. We're all throwing our hands up in the air inking, what the heck is going on? You know, perhaps Latin America has, you know, a strong history of the authoritarian kind of government that whether or not you like it, they are used to strong man, like, kind of politics. I think that unfortunately and it's not just the Latinos. I think in general now, since it's all about sound bites, the word communist, the word socialist has a big impact, and unless you take that head-on full force, those things just keep getting sent around and whether it be true or not, which obviously is not, you know, Biden was in the white house with Obama. We did not see anything communist or socialist happening. He has a proven track record. Yet somehow this message has, you know, teeth. I can't understand why it would, but I think our politicians really need to get T message, find ways to say it, you know, quickly in a sound bite way. We are living in a new world. It kind of scares me. I studied psychology and communication. So it fascinates me to see what's happening with social media, and we are going into dangerous territories that we're going to have to work out some way and figure out way to find balance because we're all Americans. We all love this country. I'ud of our elections. It's very frustrating that we still, you know, have not called it completely as it should, but everything is being followed. I'm happy to see, you know, the law protecting this election because it needs to be protected. I think Gloria, we can all agree that nurses are true heroes, and now more than ever. On Thanksgiving, you're doing an incredible event called "Nurse heroes live!" Yes. You're going to have performances from people like Leslie Odom Jr., a choir of 50 nurses, and it's a star-studded lineup in our own whoopi as your can you tell us more about it? Oh my gosh. Well, it was the of Elliott Cowell and live square media put this together, and honestly I don't know anyone else other than Emilio estefan to get this together, and he's going to do a topnotch job. We have Stevie wonder, Adrian Warren, Andrea bocelli, Leslie Odom Jr., Carole king, David foster and my favorite duet of the night is going to be meal Emilio estefan with Alan stone. That's great. I'm objective and subjective because she's my daughter, but, you know -- yeah. The nurses heroes fund is supporting creating scholarships for nurses. We're finding a shortage of nurses worldwide, and I'm sure this pandemic, it does not it establishes scholarships for nurses, their kids. They're going to show the women, their art collection, several pieces that have never been seen. It was a wonderful women-created art collection that was donated. To be able to see it, it will be on live on east coast, 4:00 P.M. Pacific, and we need to stand up and give a big shoutout to these amazing nurses that have been keeping us all going, and keeping us safer, and putting their lives on the line for all of us. My sister is a nurse. I love it. I love our nurses. We do, and there seems to be something else that people seem to be debating about in this country, about masks which I still don't understand in wearing them. We know for a fact -- this is a it's not an opinion, and it's not debatable, that they do make a difference. Now you actually did a psa of sorts about them. We're going to take a look at that right now. Put on your mask when you G out in public put on your mask help save the world from covid Oh my lord. That was back at the end of you know, I shot that in this room. I shot that in this room on a green screen with my Stant. We edited it, and put it out ourselves because we were all locked down. She was locked down here with Yeah. It is important, you know, one of my best friends is Dr. Eileen Marty. She was on the task force that was, you know, telling the white house what they should be doing, and she called me very frustrated at the end of March friend, I know you write parodies. I need your help, you know, it doesn't seem like this mask message I going to be spoken of as it sho ub. I need you to help in whatever way you can, and someone sent me pictures of all these masks they were making. I said, the universe is enlisting me. And also my grandson. Gloria, I need you to do a parody of trump doing a conga line out of the white house. Dy -- parody. Listen. Thank you, Gloria. I have the perfect song for that. It's called go away, won't you just go away If people want to know more of what's happening on Thanksgiving night, you can go to our website and find out how you can watch "Nurse heroes live!" Streaming on Thanksgiving we will be right back.

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{"duration":"8:40","description":"The Grammy-award winner told “The View” the event will benefit nurses and how she’s remained connected with her grandson throughout quarantine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74320998","title":"Gloria Estefan shares about the all-star Thanksgiving event ‘Nurse Heroes Live!’","url":"/theview/video/gloria-estefan-shares-star-thanksgiving-event-nurse-heroes-74320998"}