Gwen Stefani on 'Just A Girl' as a feminist anthem

The singer also opens up about her relationship with Blake Shelton and her Las Vegas residency.
5:00 | 09/24/19

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Transcript for Gwen Stefani on 'Just A Girl' as a feminist anthem
How are you? I love everything. Thank you. Right, whoop? I was going to wear that but then I realized -- And I wanted my hair like that. I didn't have time this morning. So true. You just walked out to your hit, 1995 "Just a girl." Meghan and I were just commenting, you're like a freak of nature. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. You've had this incredible that song, and people love you. That song, it just became this feminist anthem and even captain marvel, right -- I know. I had a very proud moment. I was like -- It's incredible. I think it is incredible because when I wrote the song, I was just so naive. I literally hadn't even written very many songs and nobody knew -- I didn't even knew who I was, nobody knew. And I just kind of wrote this song because I felt like I was just getting in touch with that feeling that when you're born, if you're a female, you don't think about it, you're just then through life you start to realize, oh wait, someone just whistled, what does that mean, and you get this power through your sexuality and then you're kind of vulnerable at the same time because all of a sudden you're a victim because, oh, I can't drive late at night? Why? So you have all these awarenesses as you're getting older and I wanted to write a song about that and I thought the idea of just a girl was like sarcastic. So I never thought anyone would hear the song or that like we would be sitting here talking about it all these years later, but I feel proud of it and when that scene comes on in the movie, I was sitting there with my kids and I was like -- usually you're in a movie and it's one second and it just kept going and I'm like, oh, my gosh. My son's like, be quiet. I was screaming in the movie theatre. Just a girl has three boys which is hilarious. Surrounded by boys my whole life. You have three boys? I have three boys. I have a 13-year-old and 11 and a 5-year-old. Beautiful. It's a lot. Well, you also have and I was just in Vegas and there are ads everywhere for your new residency. You have to come. Girls night. I'd be happy to. Are you doing like a -- I'm doing a whole Vegas residency, yeah. Through 2020, correct? Yeah. I've done about -- I think I've done about 35 shows so far. It's kind of magical, so much different from a tour. It's so much more intimate because it's so small. It's different because as you can imagine when you're on tour you're like, here's me in new York, we're here together. This is like people from all over the world buying a plane ticket, getting a hotel room and making an event out of it. It's also, you know, you're competing with Vegas so it's just a really tall order and I feel like after all these years I had to have all that experience to be able to take on a show like that because this show is basically my life boiled down to a stage show, it feels like, and it's just very intimate, very nostalgic. It feels like an exchange of love every night because everybody's, like, living their version of whatever that song was in their life at that time. So it's been magical actually. It sounds great. I want to go to that show. Let's go. Actually, no doubt was the first concert I ever went to. Yeah. I was a teenager, a young teenager, and "I'm just a girl" was such a powerful song back then. That is so crazy. I'm listening to you but I can't -- You are such a talent but I got to ask about Blake Shelton. Okay, let's talk about Blake. You call him Blakey and he calls you his person? What's his nickname for you? He calls me pretty girl but, you know -- I don't know. I followed your romance from the beginning because I watch "The voice" and everyone could kind of see it happening. You guys are such different people. Yeah, it's very unusual. You just bought a house together. Life's full of crazy, weird surprises. We didn't buy a house together really, but we definitely did not see this coming. Every single season I've been on "The voice" has been like a completely different time in my like, the first season I literally just gave birth to this little baby at 44 years old, never thought that that was going to happen. And then I think he was only four months old WHE I started. The next season, everybody knows my life blew up in my face and it was like this crazy, like, life change. Then the third season I'm falling in love with Blake Shelton. I didn't even know he existed before that, a cowboy. I didn't even know -- I've never met a real hillbilly, you know what I'm saying? You're a California girl. Does he see himself as a hillbilly? He does. Whatever that means. I love "The voice."

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"The singer also opens up about her relationship with Blake Shelton and her Las Vegas residency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65827986","title":"Gwen Stefani on 'Just A Girl' as a feminist anthem","url":"/theview/video/gwen-stefani-girl-feminist-anthem-65827986"}