Harris Faulkner on Bill Shine accepting White House role

Faulkner joins "The View" to discuss her new book "9 Rules of Engagement."
6:10 | 06/28/18

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Transcript for Harris Faulkner on Bill Shine accepting White House role
My friend and mentor, Harris Faulkner hosts "Outnumbered" and "Outnumbered: Overtime" on fox News and she has a new book out called "9 rules of engagement: A military brat's guide to life and success," and she joins us in hot topics right now. Oh, my gosh. Yes. So this is it. Reunited. I know. So we hosted a show together on fox. You were my mentor and a dear friend of mine. You came to my wedding. Wasn't is she gorgeous? That was the rehearsal dinner. This is the wedding. Your dad is just amazing. We have known each other for years. Your mom, I just have to tell people, your mom showed up, and she had on this velvet -- I mean, it was -- I thought, wait. Whose wedding is this? She was amazing. It's great to be here. I'm so excited you are here. Oh, I see how it works. Oh, okay. You're up next. Yes. So you have been at fox for over a decade. You really helped sort of pull things back together after all the harassment allegations. Ex-fox news co-president bill shine was fired for his way of handling things, but now he has been pegged to join the white house communications department. Little strange or not strange at all? First of all, you probably know this because I think you guys have talked about how many times members of the fox family have been tapped. I mean, that's a fact. One of the other facts is that, yes. Things happened on his watch, bill shine. He is also a master communicator, which this white house is looking for consistency and strength at that position. They have offered him other positions too. What we have confirmed at fox today is he won't be running the entire shop. It will be a different role. I'm not shocked by this. I'm really not because it had been talked about for some time, and he is good at what he does. I do think that whatever the white house chooses now, they are kind of restaffing at this point. Mm-hmm. This is a rocky thing being brought together again, and I do anticipate more consistency of message. I think that's good for the whole country. Do you think he'll listen? The president will listen to bill shine? Do you think he'll listen? I have asked people close to the president and they say they're not sure if he'll listen to anybody, but he takes in all the information. That's what you want. You want somebody who is going to look at it all and make their own decision or maybe make a decision that's similar to somebody in the room. I can tell you that bill shine created the hannity journey with that oat original show, and its original parts. You know when it comes to messaging, that's a person who can stay on message, and while we may or may not see him every day, you will feel his presence in the background. That will be nice. His presence is good for the country, and you see a tweet and you see the white house staff put out something else out, and then something else later in the day, it causes a media frenzy and feasting that gets us off topic of some of the things that are really important. Yeah. Wow. I never thought I would get an applause on "The view." Thank you. You're currently the only woman of color with her own Daily Show on fox. When I turn on fox, and I do stiles, I feel like I'm looking at a unicorn. By the way, that's my 9-year-old's favorite animal. She thinks they are real. They are not? Exactly. It's fascinating to me, but you have been on the receiving end of some criticism of over how the network covers issues that affect the black community such as the NFL protest. You came out against Colin Kaepernick. Do you get flak from the black community of being the only black woman on Fox News? You have been in that environment so you know, and you have been in broadcast for a long time, and we have talked at other points. I get flak from everybody. Which is how I know I'm living my truth. I'm a military brat. A couple of things were happening when we were going through our sex and harassment scandals at fox. You look across Hollywood, you know this. You know those players, I don't. Capitol hill still trying some of the women lawmakers, and trying to get male lawmakers to the meetings so they can make new legislation to kill the shush fund. Do you feel responsible to the black community? I feel responsible to everyone because my daughters are biracial. I'm in a unique position. You are. Okay? And I know you say the only one on fox. Where is MSNBC's? Where is CNN's? I think HLN, and that's new. Mm-hmm. But sitting alone as a person of color, as a black woman, I do have a unique position, and it sometimes people say things and it hurts. We have got to get to your book. Oh, go. You have just released a book called "9 rules of engagement: A military brat's guide to life and success". It's inspired by your dad, who I have met who served in Vietnam. We have talked so many times about our influence. It's how we bonded. We're both strong military families. How did he influence you to write this book? My dad ingrained in me, the power of eye contact, honesty, integrity. You and I have lived this. As things go on in our lives and people put stuff up on Twitter, we know we don't lift somebody up with two followers, especially if what they are saying is hurting everybody. We show, you know, personal restraint in that case. Growing up a military brat, we are resilient. Anybody who picks a fight with us, we're coming at it with baked goods and our weaponry. We are -- I'm being cut off, but thank you to Harris Faulkner. Members of the audience are getting a copy of her book, "9 rules of engagement: A military brat's guide to life and

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"Faulkner joins \"The View\" to discuss her new book \"9 Rules of Engagement.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56239898","title":"Harris Faulkner on Bill Shine accepting White House role","url":"/theview/video/harris-faulkner-bill-shine-accepting-white-house-role-56239898"}