Jack Black talks ‘Jumanji’ and co-star Kevin Hart’s recovery

The “Jumanji: The Next Level" star reveals how he celebrated turning 50 and shares how comedian Kevin Hart is doing after his September car accident.
4:59 | 12/12/19

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Transcript for Jack Black talks ‘Jumanji’ and co-star Kevin Hart’s recovery
metal so I was thrilled. When they picked me. You're known for your youthful energy which we saw just now. Gave you a little taste. You spent your 50th birthday at disneyland trying to compete the Disney 50 challenge, okay? It's true. What is that exactly? Well, I invented the Disney 50 challenge because I was turning 50. Oh my god. I wanted to have some fun. Yeah. What do you have to do? They love to go the disneyland, but -- not as much as me. Do you have to ride 50 rides? There's more than 50, but I made it 50 to make it sound better for my Instagram. The Disney 50, but yeah. You have to go on all the rides, including the lame ones. All of them in one day. What are the lame ones? You have to have red carpet treatment. You won't get through all those lines. It's shameful. Now that I'm admitting it, I shouldn't tell people how I do the Disney 50. I'm presuming you don't need much. You would be surprised. You sneak in. All over the place. Your two sons, Sam and Thomas were with you. You have to be the coolest dad. Can I hire you to come over from 6:00 to 7:00 at night? Yes. I am -- yes, available for rental if you need me to come over. Do you embarrass them? My boys would not agree that I'm the coolest dad. They can think of a lot of cooler dads. That's natural. That's the law of the universe is that you are annoying to your kids no matter what. Of course. Now they're at the age, let's watch this movie. No. It's automatically lame. That's kind of frustrating, but sometimes I can still sneak in a movie or two that I want to see. I saw "Jumanji" with my kids, this version. I saw the first one as well, but they loved it. Oh, good. The kids are in an avatar and film, and you play three characters in one which is amazing. Yeah. Thanks for noticing. Yeah. There's two major ones and then one -- I sneak a peek, one scene. Exactly. Tell our audience about it. So yeah. The first one was as you may know, a universal -- the beloved masterpiece, "Jumanji," welcome to the jungle. Is that with robin Williams? Yes. Originally robin Williams, that's right. Back in the day. The great robin. That's right. Thank you for reminding me, and then we did a remake of it a couple of years back. "Welcome to the jungle" because in the original one with robin Williams, he goes in as a kid and it cuts to 20 years later, and he comes out as this insane man stuck in the jungle. But you never saw what was inside the game. In our movie, you went inside, and for the first time, you saw what it was like inside the world of jumanji, and all the kids that were in the movie last time, they have grown up, and they came back and one of them was feeling insecure about his college experience, and he wanted to get back into the magical powers of Dwayne the rock Johnson in the game "Jumanji," and all his friends have to go back and rescue him. That's the premise of the new "Jumanji." Next time you could do a geriatric version for old people. Joy wants to be apart of that. I'll be that one. Post-menopausal woman. It's writing itself. I like this. All right. Post-menopausal. You have an amazing cast. You, the rock, the incredible Kevin hart. How is Kevin doing since his car accident in September in we were worried about him. He's doing great. I don't know if you heard. He just got his legendary cement hands and feet on the Hollywood walk of fame. He did. Yeah. But yeah. We were terrified because when we first heard about the accident, we had finished shooting the movie, but the rest of the world, we awe this -- saw this crushed car and we had no idea how he is. Thank god he is back in full effect, 100%. So good to have him on the tour. What is the difference between the feet thing and the plaques that people get? You know, I got a regular star. I was, like, what a second. I didn't get the feet plaque and the hands in the cement. I think that's the bigger one. I didn't make the cut for that level. But I'm very happy for Kevin. I don't know what the rules -- I don't know how they decide who gets the feet and the hands. I know. I don't really want everyone looking at my feet and hands anyway. Even in cement. It's throwback Thursday and I

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"The “Jumanji: The Next Level\" star reveals how he celebrated turning 50 and shares how comedian Kevin Hart is doing after his September car accident.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67690902","title":"Jack Black talks ‘Jumanji’ and co-star Kevin Hart’s recovery","url":"/theview/video/jack-black-talks-jumanji-star-kevin-harts-recovery-67690902"}