Jeffrey Toobin returns to CNN after exposing himself in Zoom call

"The View" co-hosts react to the legal analyst’s TV return after he was fired from The New Yorker and went on leave from CNN for performing a sex act during a Zoom call with former colleagues.
8:20 | 06/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jeffrey Toobin returns to CNN after exposing himself in Zoom call
Anyway, just seven months ago Jeffrey toobin was fired by new Yorker magazine and went on leave from CNN for performing a sex act during a zoom meeting with colleagues that he did not know was still happening. Phe returned to the air waves on Thursday and was -- they asked this question. It's the one that's been on evybody's mind. Take a look. What the hell were you thinking? Obviously I wasn't thinking very well, or very much, and it was something that was inexplicable to me. I didn't think I was on the call. I didn't think other people could see me. You thought you had turned off your camera? Correct. I thought I had turned off the zoom call. Now, that's not a defense. This was deeply moronic and indefensible. I'm trying to say how sorry I am, sincerely, in all seriousness, above all I am sorry to my wife and my family. I'm also sorry to the people on the zoom call. So, Ana, you -- you worked for CNN. Are you surprised to see him back on the air? You know, actually I'm not surprised he's back on the air. I will tell you when I saw that interview, how embarrassing, how I kept thinking to myself if I have to go on live TV and explain to the nation why I masturbated on a zoom call, I think I would rather sell avocados on I-95. Some instances of sexual harassment are black and white. Some are more nuanced. In this case he was not sexually harassing anymore. He was sexually harassing himself maybe. He was on a zoom call. It was an accidental exposure. It was a zoom call with the new Yorker where he has been terminated. He was off CNN for many months during the elections, during so of the hottest political and legal times. I think some of my CNN colleague who filled in the void have done an amazing job. I also think CNN is a for-profit business. If viewers don't like it, they should make their views known. If they want to have some grace and say we're not going to cancel a guy because he made a stupid mistake, I think his bigger problem is frankly with himself, with his family, with his wife than it is with his CNN colleagues. It was not something done to us. It was something stupid, horrific, kinky, freaky that he did. It wasn't something he was trying to do to us, his CNN colleagues. Joy, do you think if this had been a woman that the response -- No -- -- People would respond the same way? No. With all the men on CNN's payroll they gave it to poor Allison. She didn't deserve that. It was manipulative I thought. He said he wants to be a better person. He's working at a food bank. I don't see the correlation between needing to engage Mr. Happy and being a bad person. Maybe it causes blindness. I don't see how it causes you to be a bad person. Everybody would be a bad person for doing what he was doing at home alone in their house. He didn't know the thing was running of course. We forgive him that. I'm not judging the guy. It shows how boring these zoom meetings are. He couldn't wait between meetings to get himself involved with himself. Does this mean that Louis C.K. Should be back on television? He did the same thing, but live in front of a have you women comedians. Comedians love a live audience. Who is allowed to do it? Who isn't allowed to do it? Does this mean that Al Franken -- get him back into the senate.- I don't know what he did that is worse than any of this. I don't understand the rules and regulations of this. What is accountable and what's not accountable frankly? Right. Like Ana said, it's so gross and obnoxious. Thank you. You're very welcome, joy. Sunny, what's your thoughts? Do you think have done this people would be as comfortable? Well, I'm not even sure at this point. We talk so much about cancel culture, what I like to call accountability culture. Where do you draw the line? The line seems to be constantly shifting depending on the person involved. As Ana mentioned, yes, were there consequences for his behavior? Yeah. The new Yorker where the workplace issue occurred because he was on a new Yorker call, he was terminated after 20 years of employment. There were consequences to his behavior at that workplace. This didn't happen at CNN. There were things that happened at CNN where there were consequences. Resa Aslan was fired for tweeting anti-semitic comments. He was fired for tweeting crass things about president trump. Terminated. Rick Santorum was terminated from CNN for racist comments about native Americans. We also know that Emily wilder of the A.P. Was terminated for tweeting her support of Palestinians. There have been situations where people have been terminated for what their employers have deemed workplace issues. I don't know where the line is at this point. I think then we need to re-examine this cancel culture issue. There are so many people this person should be canceled, this person shouldn't be canceled. CNN decided not to cancel Jeffrey toobin. Some people are up in arms. Some people missed his legal commentary. Where do you draw the line now? Something I would like to say, though, I saw a lot of people on the right come after CNN, come after Jeffrey toobin. Look, man, if you've been supporting a president who we heard boast about sexual assault on video, a person who did hush money payments to a stripper, then you have no moral standing to get full outrage over Jeffrey toobin doing what he did. Right. I will say, though, I don't want to be on a call where someone forgets that they're on the call and doesn't turn their camera off. I don't want to see it. I don't want to know what you're doing. You want to whack yourself Think of the people who have to see it. Think about that. All of us should be very aware now if our hands are wandering in a direction they shouldn't be we should always check the

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{"duration":"8:20","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to the legal analyst’s TV return after he was fired from The New Yorker and went on leave from CNN for performing a sex act during a Zoom call with former colleagues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78270686","title":"Jeffrey Toobin returns to CNN after exposing himself in Zoom call","url":"/theview/video/jeffrey-toobin-returns-cnn-exposing-zoom-call-78270686"}