Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini discuss their friendship

The "Second Act" actresses share details of their friendship, and Remini talks about winning an Emmy.
7:18 | 12/12/18

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Transcript for Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini discuss their friendship
It took her TV. Because her home a few days. It is the Villa. A moment. Thank as the champ. Who is your current position. Position yet to wake up to him let's go was into an ambulance after the channel. Get cut off Erik Prince. In fact enact move up that we're having me. Okay. Yeah yeah. This. And talking I didn't I didn't and they get out and around talking he did so you like that happening now and it's the most at the high Lupe that's half the time. Cars are backstage and at happy bird they think but the this is an amazing thing and I think that's. Also a film reflects and rent from you know is is how learning and strengthening women and how how important we are to each other. You know we really are at like what. My a my. But I president Jennifer is like got to go to dinner in honor how to hit a Cologne you know it hours later when I like. What are you doing all that time I think women do like now we won't see it as we do warts animal eaten no benefit. We're just glad a lot of important we think it's there are cool like half closed little yes other people are yes. I asked since her boyfriend's what is happening at the army and police. Make. At that I'm mom and dad. Democrats like assistant U and I get back is that Todd the united describe each other after death that idea feel that way while because they're very we're very close late sister's bar and also and it different wave of sisters all right noticed any tenant lives maybe in a way and I want to look to you I told you on the doing anything or not looking trial could not. Jennifer and I can't believe how. I don't let my robot right you get older you start seeing things. On CN things yet others say straight ahead when a man does not look noted that. OK OK yeah. But you understands you understand it about what they understand each son is lies maybe like I'm so close misses an assault is really but. We have similar alliance and yes some of the careers and so they understand Kynan want to than other people don't understand and thought that that also bond we listen to reason you like each other's did you both very honest and very true front so what are the words you used to describe her advice there's. I I would courageous. Yeah that yeah me. Preparing yeah and generous yes. I had an. I couldn't say thank you like you don't tell that to me you do say that many yeah right he's Velarde went out there was nothing negative. C'mon I'm not. Even know you can get. Eight. What about ten that he had to commit. Yeah I. I can't help but loving warm and not fiercely loyal. Arranges bray eve. Not true. True talent thing what banks hit. The minute this a lot of things it's not an enemy USA again you know but yeah I mean we're. Yes thank you and I get on you know yeah. Company and let me some might not what I know and I think I always say I want up by her faith. I wanna eat your body might not an entire. None anyway and that crazy when he exactly none in my yeah white but I love serial. Apple might ballclub you're need to. How about that say yes. Yes I want to say congratulations to you. And guys you won your first and end. Season yet has now as as has someone when we first. When you first laughed and he had walked out. You were kinda not sure this is you want to talk this mine my hat. Tell you how to bring up how isn't pretty. You know it's it's very trying it's it's. You know. When referencing you know you just never let you know what you believe bad relationship and you know colds and they did they'd kind of leave and they try to put the pieces back together. Producing the show. Being part of the show this program I'm not really able to leave Feliz I'm still kind of in that mode a fight mode last. He and I can never really let my guard down yet and I am kind of looking forward to the day. Where the abusive practices of selling technology are no longer. That wet and let my guard down and men's and are piecing back my heart went way you know but it's really the brave contributors. That are willing to speak out they don't have a view to calm down you know and and so. But they aren't you now they have me but it's different you know they go home the cameras turn off. And they have PIs in front of their house their son or daughter is no longer talking to them. Scientology's puts out heat web sites about the within minutes something none now they've they've changed their attack you that you want in our age. You are waiting yeah. You recently. They want time to feel confident about who I am. Now I realize it's not a mistake it's not a fluke. It's left desk about a few recent pictures that are clearly not a fluke okay really yanks will be your everything. Yeah yeah. Larry yeah. Yeah. Let me hear you increase. My letter everything to pick you want yeah yeah yeah yeah its so you know. You know Leonardo ugly all right so he announced. I won't be an Iowa also rather confident women and so it didn't pick do you think tank at black. Okay. Okay. As. Crazy and this may CD I actually haven't got a body one time. I and I'm not I want. FedEx good plan I SE and it just as sales. I don't know got a really good the mental amazing a thanks to the.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"The \"Second Act\" actresses share details of their friendship, and Remini talks about winning an Emmy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59783722","title":"Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini discuss their friendship","url":"/theview/video/jennifer-lopez-leah-remini-discuss-friendship-59783722"}