Jimmy Kimmel discusses being back in studio after hiatus

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” host also shared about his RV family vacation.
7:35 | 10/15/20

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Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel discusses being back in studio after hiatus
Jimmy Kimmel has been giving us some much needed laughs throughout this insane pandemic, and he just started doing it back in the studio again. Please welcome back Jimmy Kimmel. What's up, J? What's happening? Hi, guys. You look good. You sound good. What's happening? Cool. Hi, Jimmy. What it's like being back in the studio? It's weird. It's like doing a show in an abandoned hospital, you know? You walk through the door and there are people wearing ppe, and there's plexiglass everywhere. I have a theory that this virus was started by the plexiglass industry to sell more products. I like it. Ana? You hosted the emmys a few weeks ago from an empty studio. All the nominees were at home. You were talking to an empty studio. I'm very good friends -- one of my good friends is George Lopez. He filled in for you early in the summer. He was telling me how weird it is not to have an audience because, you know, you don't have an applause. You don't have feedback. How do you get your timing right? So what was that night like for you hosting the emmys with nobody there? You know, it's like -- that's interesting that George said that. It's kind of like if you ate dinner with no food, like, you sat there with a plate and a fork and a knife and went through the motions of eating, but got none of the pleasure that you typically would get. You want an audience there, and we had, you know, we had a big crew. We did the show in the staples cent which is a huge venue and not exactly ideal for comedy especially when it's empty, and it was very strange. Ultimately I think it somehow miraculously worked. I don't know how it happened, but everyone seemed to like it afterwards, and people said, oh. That was better. It didn't feel better on my end. It felt like doing jokes to almost complete silence. Yeah. Right. Joy? So Jimmy, you know, we're 19 days away from election day, and -- Yeah. -- To my delight, you have been an outspoken critic of misery loves company. Yeah. After his covid diagnosis, he's now telling people he is immune and is traveling around the country doing rallies as a macho man. What do you think about this? How are you feeling about all of this right now, about this election? First of all, nothing tickles me more than how mad you get and how mad you are, joy. You can just barely contain yourself. I'm serious. If I told you -- if I called you a year ago and I said, here's what I think is going to happen, trump is going to get this very contagious disease. He's going to have it and still go to these rallies and he's going to be touching people and breathing on people, you would say, no. That's a little much. If we were writing this, we would have to reel it in a little bit. It is so absolutely unbelievable. Yeah. Yeah. It really is crazy. Yeah. I hope that people remember how crazy it is because I think we become almost totally desensitized. They don't. He could walk out naked on the white house lawn tomorrow and we would be, like, anyway. Bleach my eyes. No. Yeah. Sara? One of his supporters -- I was watching one of his supporters and she was attending the rally in Iowa and she said, well, if it's my time to die, I'll die. I mean, what about the kids you're around? What about everybody else whose time is not to die? Maybe it's your time. There's a lot of people who it's not their time. I'll go crazy from this. I'll go crazy. Joy, where is god in situations like this? Where is the lightning bolt that we're expecting to come down and answer that question for all of us? Jimmy, I have to ask you, you took this past July and August off to spend time with your family. You rented an rv and drove around the country. Now tell us what that was like with a 6 and a 3-year-old. Well, you would think I would rent an rv, but that's not how I I purchased an rv. I now have an rv in the parking lot. I'm at the show right now. I don't live in a prison, but yes. I bought an rv and we drove it to Idaho, and this seems to amaze people, and that's one of the things about being on television that is so interesting is when you do anything. Any normal thing that normal people do, people are just overwhelmed. They're, like, what? You drove the rv? I mean, that is incredible, like, yeah. I put my shoes on myself, and then I got in it. I steered and I did all the stuff. The kids actually loved it. It's not so normal. People drive station wagons and minivans. Rvs are still a bit of an exception. It's a 30-foot long rv, and the kids loved it. There are bunk beds in the rv, and I kind of loved it too. There were a few moments where it was, like, 2:00 in the morning and I was just staring at the road fearful that I was going to flip this thing, and the whole family in one fiery blaze, but other than that, it was delightful. I get those questions all the time on my bus. People don't understand it. I think it sounds cool. I think the rv sounds cool. The new cycle Jimmy changes so fast, you know, and it seems like every day there is another trump bombshell. Was it nice to be away from that this summer when you were off on your adventure or did you miss being able to comment on it every day? Because I know I certainly just missed your commentary. Well, thank you. Both of those things are true really. I mean, on one hand, I very much enjoyed not being glued to his every movement, and that was nice, and it really was instructive I think. You realize that when you immerse yourself in all this news, it's stressful, and getting away from it is definitely good for the soul, but also there were a couple of times like when we found out he wanted to have his face carved into mt. Rushmore, I wanted to turn the rv around and head back to work. Those are the kind of things that, you know, you know that they're, like, a comedy miracle. They don't happen often. Yeah. Yeah. So Dr. Fauci was on the "Time" 100 most influential list this year, and you wrote the profile on had him. Which I thought was very tly you were surprised that they asked you. Why? I was. They called and asked me and I said, how many people said no to this before you got to me? Why would you call me about this? I really couldn't figure it out, and then they did admit that people had said no. I think they told me magic Johnson didn't have enough time to do it, and so they came to me. I love Dr. Fauci, and I think he -- again, in an administration full of lunatics, he is an upright light and I was happy to write something about him because I do think he's great, and I hope he -- I'm sure

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” host also shared about his RV family vacation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73634654","title":"Jimmy Kimmel discusses being back in studio after hiatus","url":"/theview/video/jimmy-kimmel-discusses-back-studio-hiatus-73634654"}