Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski: Republicans must 'stand up for the rule of law'

The news hosts discuss the Mueller report and what they think of the 2020 presidential candidates.
8:39 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski: Republicans must 'stand up for the rule of law'
But White House right now we know you're watching Donald. We also know that. Trent gets up really early to yell back at the TV while watching our next two guests are mornings now. Please welcome. Joseph Scarborough and Mika bridges. South. So used to love Barry. Are you talked about our history. Could you to have been in bed together yes we ask you sit on death I had no idea drilling I have. I don't know what I did not show besides this I had Welch doesn't mind HL land. And then of course they canceled me. And which is the show must go and I don't job and we did a little bit in when I was in bed was jumpers I couldn't have got Bob Newhart show. She woke up and I was very yeah and my nightmare right. Got things happen. Now you have out there Joseph and joy yet it did should now unmarried unethical and married less time you came here where you really we're hearing today county hair so many different people always ask me this doesn't any difference between. Before you married and now the two married. I would have he's lost about fifteen who owns half yeah well she makes the exercise weight to my mild today I don't like exercise and being an easy workers as much as you can have five miles an army you know seriously. I'm all that time together. We've gotten a lot better at. Sorting through differences that's good and so we actually give the brewers take you know why don't we jump ahead to how we're going to be filling the more today yeah right. And it helps. That's good I find I say things in anger sometimes have to take. Hello I'm we never doubted he had the all right so let's talk grabbed topics. That I have no arguments all at all that's good so now we have 400. Federal prosecutors in that toll now saying that the Muller report is correct that he should have been indicted except he's the president and he can't do that to him. And the Muller put basically corroborates that whole thing I think we don't get thank yet and so we'll watch he sits there and just filled the good thing goes on. They are frustrated I certainly am. Well we have what more do we need to impeach this guy good quest well I don't are slightly supposed to happen in real time we actually Republicans that will stand up for the rule of law. Your dad did to him your dad was alone for the most part but look what happens to them look at what happened to wow what's isn't corker. And yeah intently on. Jeff slightly higher thought but they've finished down the thing as they go half way. If you're gonna go and you gotta go all go figure out violently erased at home delicately that you gotta win reelection. You know I think he can't nobody here is that hill we don't know what happens when a Republican stands up to defend the rule policy against tropic we don't know what happens. Other than Senator McCain and I just say hold out you and I'm not saying that was our job here I'm saying that because when I went to Capitol Hill. After Donald Trump was in office my staff they owes him what you wanna go where you wanted to. I said there's only one person. That matters. On Capitol Hill and it's John McCain because Senator McCain was up only Republican. Is that. I'm gonna say conservative. I'm gonna stay Republican. I'm gonna speak my mind. And no other American has dry that that's right so we don't know whether that money on anybody behind his reelection however it's like they did you Arizona yeah where I would've liked. This gamble in just when you know I worked in Arizona too because. He embrace it he said this who I am. And I think that insults me with these Republicans is none of them will trust her constituents might. You know I was part of the 211 opus through Newt Gingrich at a town and we respect Carolina fan but everybody saw lights. That there was going to be terrible I held town hall meetings I should listen this why did. Do you have an eye on any Republican that you think okay how this now will do it that would do it I got quite well. When you may yet be kept as actually had it been. Bin not a surprise. You're not surprised because I mean I loved that I've always loved math taken seriously what you'll Bedford job form before he comes out I don't know that was. I can I saw that differently I saw that it is him trying to contribute everybody him when trump was elected everybody or I think good people tried to step up and tried to help about it would be in their. Despite all and not his failings who at least to be a part of trying to keep things on track I think that was his. When he doesn't need his consensual and it's your constituents will vote for him and anybody that they hate us Jack revenue but like Romney told Republicans bird. Republicans are secure the rule of law yeah but I will just say about Matt that a lot of the work calling him and saying we know you don't like. Trump but you need to go talk doing because of its not you it's route exactly unsung auto tell nobody in my family talked to one people that. Or export I think there are some I just think. I didn't I agree with the argument that it looked like pandering eleven to 20/20. We had Joseph Biden I'm Michelle the day after he announced he was running for president he is obviously. Sitting on top of the polls right now this is crazy. One they came up this morning had a net 40%. Yeah how can any Democrat catch up to her is it to stand. And I think it's be very tough for anybody to catch up with him I think there are few bright shining stars but it's such a huge deal I think it's could be really hard to break out for anybody. I think they're lot of really impressed that he Kabul. Lost her really impressed loved. You know mayor Pete you can get down on the there's so many of his arrest warrant with two ghastly is that the strongest message when Elizabeth as she knows what she believes in she goes out Jews as everyday but. Yeah Atwood 22 people in the field. You know an event says they're ordinary glory and it's going to be hard to catch up jump and they just get the primary input Joseph Biden a man you know is not possible now primarily. When you aren't doing stuff like that that's won the lawsuit oddly familiar subject when you have an avid apple went and let the people the night the heat this is still people into my yeah let's have a nice word I would say talk. Tell me GAAP weighted. What you have people that try to fix it and get through the primary process the best thing that can happen is. You go up against 51015. People know and the strongest survives and will find out whether Joseph was learned from his first two. Races where he's sort of stepped on his own sort of land Maya that he threw down there and help make it much better when he runs against trump. William and Ann in terms of running against her you have trump calling up Biden I think sleepy GO. Every tweeting over sixteen negative bite into leads the and -- city doesn't wanna get in mud wrestling match but called trump a clown in the no good SOB. So we discussed this the other day what should sighted strategy be (%expletive) he'd be taking a higher road or should he get into the mud with the I think he should do you think Psycho joke I think I got yeah days. You do what gets Donald Trump out of office and sometimes. Okay. Sometimes that means taking the high road and sometimes that means taking it to him but you can't not a formula. You're afraid to fight yeah I guess that's what your dad now again I go back to your dad but your dad and I. You know we joke you're dead one time said. After the risk and he was sunk in Pensacola bay the only thing he regretted was he said that they didn't shave Scarborough to the deck when it went down. Add your different. We had a again. But he was up fighter right. And you know you I mean who ever ones against dropped passes and give guidance. And I'm ready for stealing designs that America is tired of those nicknamed of those in our. They should do that he wanted to get too little higher planes. You know out. Are you surprised how much beta as underperforming. You go right. Be honest yeah you'd I mean I guess I didn't understand the Vanity Fair cover. I didn't understand Barack Obama sending like his best people debate back in December I don't. I don't get it. We'll be right I don't I don't understand why everybody. I don't think he needs and now not belonging to an exit out of town and that's deterrent. Added I really do that.

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{"duration":"8:39","description":"The news hosts discuss the Mueller report and what they think of the 2020 presidential candidates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62881626","title":"Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski: Republicans must 'stand up for the rule of law'","url":"/theview/video/joe-scarborough-mika-brzezinski-republicans-stand-rule-law-62881626"}