Kellyanne Conway defends Donald Trump over her husband

"The View" co-hosts discuss Conway's comments about her husband's public feud with the president.
5:56 | 03/21/19

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway defends Donald Trump over her husband
Powell to be a fly on the wall at the Conway house right now this yesterday trump trash I don't want to fly a truck bucket yesterday. Who wants. Check trump trashing George Conway repeatedly attacking him as mentally unfit. And then it on his where about Kelly and sent about that on Fox News this morning and I know. Being asked to choose between my marriage and my job to tell a child has never mean the president has never made me feel that lingering. And it Georgia's quoted recently as saying I don't know I appreciate it works parent agency what you sign on George is you are saying is certainly doesn't usual for George who people now is a very private person. He really hasn't weighed in on many different matters over the years. But anyway that aside. Of course he talked about it in passing. You're basically taking. The president's side over harm husband right. This change its gross therefore children get their four children. That they go on tail and you're doing this publicly on TV and doing this with your marriage and my question is the same question yesterday. Was it worth it to growing your marriage and did this to your family for what for parking in the White House yeah I think it's grabs you know what and how I'm how did their part not what happened but both of them are on the BOC list in this in the hit in the history of the United States. Hillary Clinton stood by her man. And you know little Laura Bush turning on her husband or hit Nancy Reagan who always look so adoring land at Ronald yeah I mean this is like really kind of she's not even that important. The other weird how hard it is sad because the president whenever someone. Hits against him he says I don't even know the guy remembered torch Robin Allison is the copy boy you are manna fort I'd really I didn't know well he was getting just the campaign manager. It was George Conway that introduced the two of them Kellyanne and then dropped because they were living in the trump world tower. And there was an issue the Condo board and he's a lawyer at the sunny set so yeah trump asked him for help. And they said what he joined the board in Dorset know the love meter issued my wife Kelly and and that's where the relations began and and they'd they'd been together many many times since then. So we certainly knows George. What the highway that fool you he's a very prominent attorney and mean he's and and a conservative litigation partner at a at a very well known respected law firm. I'm Anna knows this he you know went to Harvard undergrad Yale Law School he's very respected in Washington are get a credit supreme are right in front of the Supreme Court I mean this is not some crazy nut job and I think what he if it had has been saying has been. That very. Well received by the American people I mean he's been tweeting out things about this president's mental state I mean a lot of people agree with him a lot of people say that he's. This icon does a nice that I took I can see somebody who's not and I say yeah. Well at the but. I thought that ought to begin which she had what she sent him back clip was you know we try not to talk about it at home and that's nothing bit Mary Matalin and James Carville that they don't talk about it at home. But I do find it not. The chief almost sides with the president her employer over her husband's idol site with anybody over my man threw a Ramallah at any kind of marriage comes first yeah. Minutes to gets its act crappy gas but that only become an ongoing daily. Talent no bella yeah so you know hot hot Conway sat on an. Chomping back. He is mr. Kellyanne Connolly. Has Conway yeah you might not offending him by telling him he mister Conway yeah mr. Conway and acquitted of expanding might want significant. It was sexist thing I went against meant to say that they can't handle. The attack being the the secondary personality you replace senate narcissism trunk it and now he can't does a projection on his son did you call him mr. a lot of credit to what yeah yeah. I don't think being passed tech kids really. I I just they have four children and what they are subjecting their children tail but the gun by doing this probably I'm telling you. Obviously everybody knows that way I gather dot a prominent person there's Google. He's clips the last grabber and they're gonna see their parents fighting over the top administration and I just I had risen on how talented they get him off on this I mean let's think about it for a second. Let you know it may. But yeah. I think he ideally are fighting and then at night he's like I'm Ivan narcissistic personality yeah it's at. S Carolina I don't think going in there and they paid to how high schoolers and that's. I the hook hook up. I'm not think it maybe that's why I love you and we see my eyes but I bet Natalie and how I in the. They like this that they got. To get a later on after the I didn't think about it publicly James Hal an interest got a bit of her home. I'm really uncomfortable I think for all of us to follow publicly like not that it's about a haircut and makes me feel uncomfortable. That I'm Mike having a better understanding of what's going on their marriage publicly the behind closed doors. Did just basically airing out all your dirty laundry on Twitter which is the the last place to go if you have a like that a marriage issue in tweet it out for the world to see like lesson one a one on social media and Joseph ever turned to pettis for cancer and but not everybody that I think I think. For all of us the instinct isn't a you know every marriage is an island nobody knows what's happening behind closed doors. That means that they're putting it all out there seems to need auditioning for one thought for about a reality show all yeah well yeah in the it does they can't hit that night I am right and he would never hire about half. I'm glad I yelling and he he would now. And we'll know landings he would not hire her. I'm him you don't think the entire. People flip think they really don't have to deal hashing out the wave I of the engines each person I I and that. Are any maybe prove me rotten I don't yeah by the way we have invited mr. mrs. can't wait to come off the shelf so fun nothing I want to watch is not.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Conway's comments about her husband's public feud with the president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61843719","title":"Kellyanne Conway defends Donald Trump over her husband","url":"/theview/video/kellyanne-conway-defends-donald-trump-husband-61843719"}