Kristen Bell on how ‘Frozen 2’ tackles sisterhood and self-love

Bell, who voices the character Anna, on “Frozen 2” breaking the mold of romantic love and her new Disney+ show, “Encore.”
4:04 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for Kristen Bell on how ‘Frozen 2’ tackles sisterhood and self-love
All right, "Frozen 2," so excited about this everyone loved the first one and I find the relationship between the two sisters so powerful. You never see that. Almost never. You know, we were so proud of the first one because of breaking the mold. First of all, you don't see two females hit box office numbers like that and granted it's a cartoon but, you know, same difference. In the first one it was really important to us to break mold of talking about romantic love. All the movies talk about romantic love but personally I think and so did our creators, there are two other kinds of loves and that's familial love and self-love. If you don't fill up there it's going to be messy with romantic love. I think that's why the movie hit because people were encouraged that there are different types of love out there. And the song that everyone is talking about that you relate to. Big type. Well, we sat down with the creators before this movie was written and our writer, she journaled as Anna and Elsa for months before she wrote the script. They saw a psychologist to talk about the girls' relationship. We sat down and she said what do you think you want Anna to face ordeal with, what's important? I said I want Anna to deal with her coco-dependency because she lives for everyone else and I often do that too. It's a dramatic song but it asks this question that I was begging for us to explore that none of us talk about which is what do you do when you don't know what to do. We've all felt that but no one talks about it. Personally I take a lot of inspiration from my husband and his sort of aa exposure and his sobriety and you just do the next right thing. You get out of bed and you just walk and brush your teeth and you have some breakfast and take it in tiny steps. It's interesting this film also doesn't deal with the usual fodder for storytelling and animation. Usually it's Cinderella's waiting for the prince and this one's a damsel in distress orrapunzel -- these are Olds ones. This one talks about boys' emotions also. That's what I'm so proud about in this movie. We explore Anna and Kristoff much more in this movie but everyone talks about how Anna and Elsa are represented but I think it's more important with the things they've done with Kristoff in that he has this huge Powerball et that I think is going to be your favorite of the movie. It's so funny. It's called lost in the woods and in the beginning he says you feel your feelings and your feelings are real. You don't often see a guy pining over a girl in a cartoon singing about it. Kristoff is having huge feelings and he's giving in to them in this amazing, cheesy way. There's two lines that pinpoint why I love his representation in this movie. Number one, he rescues Anna from something dangerous in the midst of battle. The first thing he said is I'm here, what do you need. Then in the end, Anna apologizes for something and he looks at her and says, it's okay, my love is not fragile. Oh, I like that. Deep, very deep, this cartoon. Before you go -- It's beautiful. I like that. I know, right? Wow. I'm going to write that down. You have a new show as well, encore on Disney plus, just quickly. Okay, I'm proud of a lot of things. This might be the one I'm most proud of. We have taken formal high school musical casts, reunited them. Some haven't seen each other in five years, some haven't seen each other in 45 years and they put on their high school production in six days. It is funny, heartfelt. It's like time travel. They're reintroducing themselves to people they already know having shed the labels of high school and it is incredibly heartfelt.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Bell, who voices the character Anna, on “Frozen 2” breaking the mold of romantic love and her new Disney+ show, “Encore.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66945648","title":"Kristen Bell on how ‘Frozen 2’ tackles sisterhood and self-love","url":"/theview/video/kristen-bell-frozen-tackles-sisterhood-love-66945648"}