Leslie Jones talks royals, GOT and new comedy special

The former "Saturday Night Live" star discusses her new stand-up special "Time Machine."
5:53 | 01/14/20

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Transcript for Leslie Jones talks royals, GOT and new comedy special
Hey, girls. So your stuff on texting, there is no funnier. It's the truth though? Absolutely. You know, I had to go through that to be able to write that. Right. Right. You know what I'm saying? You have been a psycho. I am the psycho. We all psychos. Yes. We all got it inside. I was watching it last night with my husband and he was, like, mm-hmm. Yeah. And I was just staring at him. I was, like, what's all the agreement? You better go back and read them text, girl. Clearly. You were just in London I'm you were celebrating the new year. Do you have any thoughts on Harry and -- Meghan. Meghan? That is smooth. Very smooth. Yes. First of all, I hate that they're blaming Meghan. You know, the black girl. Yeah, you got to get a job. No. I think Harry always wanted to leave. I think Harry never wanted to, you know, be part of that. I think he always was, like, I want to do my own thing. Mm-hmm. I'm not surprised. Let them do their own thing. They both can make their own money. Now let them do that. They're young. They're young. It started with $40 million. They got $40 million? Leave that boy alone. Leave that boy alone. I think that's hilarious. Before "Game of thrones" ended last year, Leslie, you were obsessed with the show. You were live tweeting each episode and fan-girling the stars at different events. You got them to direct your new Netflix special. That's incredible. How did that come about? First of all, I love "Game of "Game of thrones" is, like, one of the best -- one of the best shows. Yeah. And these directors are very action -- they can shoot action very well, and if you watch my special, I'm very physical and I really wanted that to come across the TV. So I knew they were going to be able to catch all of that. They had nine cameras. They caught every one of my shots, and I love y'all. I call them D. And D. Thank y'all so much because they made my special look beautiful. Were you, like, if they can do dragons -- I did ask for dragons and it was, like, no. Dragons are not real, Leslie. You talk in your standup about how old are you now? 52 you say. Yes, I am, girl. And you're different since You know that. Of course, I know that. Girl. Tell us how. Tell us how? Yeah. 30 years. How are you different? I'm very different. You know, at 22, you're just dumb. Yep, totally. Most 22-year-olds won't admit you think you know everything, and you are the exact person who knows nothing. Exactly. And, you know, you're going through life, and learning -- your brain don't fully develop until you're 25. Yes. So 22, I can't even really remember the year 22. I'm being honest with you. 22 rhymes with 52. I just remember tequila. There was a lot of that. What about when it came to dating and sex? Do you remember any of that? Oh, yeah. I remember all of that. Let's hear about the sex. You want to hear about that? We like to hear about sex. Well, there's not a lot of sex in standup, stop it. Funny sex stories. Funny sex, yes. When you are 22, you out there. You out there. You should be. When you are 22, you don't think you're going to be 52 if that makes any sense. You don't see 52, you know what I mean? You're out there living. At least I was. The 22-year-olds now, they suck. Why is that? Because they just -- they're stressed out. When I was 22, I did not care who the president was. I didn't care who my boss was. I didn't care who my family was. I didn't care. All I cared about was the next party. The next party. It's different now. It's different now. Now, you know, 22-year-olds have to pay attention now because they vote now. They have to pay attention because we have a crazy government. Yeah. And social media was just -- Exactly which is completely different. Well, you announced in September that after five years, three Emmy nominations, you weren't returning to "Saturday night live." Yeah. Everybody sad too. Well, we miss you playing whoopi, right? I miss playing whoopi. We miss you doing that. Whoopi is my girl. I look like you. I look like you. I look like you. What do you miss? What do you miss the most? Doing that right there. That was so fun. Whoopi is so easy to play because she just herself. She's, like, I'm not about to put up with it. I love her. Get out the squirt gun. Get out the squirt gun. Did she ever squirt y'all with the gun? Not yet. They will not let me do it. I did ask. I did ask. Y'all need to get squirted some time. I got to squirt myself because sometimes I got to squirt myself. So you don't smack nobody. We actually wanted her to after the sketch. I thought it would be funny if she squirted us with a squirt gun, but our executives said -- The executive? I thought it was really funny. You know, everybody's makeup would have started to run. That is true. That is true. One of your comedy idols

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"The former \"Saturday Night Live\" star discusses her new stand-up special \"Time Machine.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68274710","title":"Leslie Jones talks royals, GOT and new comedy special","url":"/theview/video/leslie-jones-talks-royals-comedy-special-68274710"}