Merrick Garland gets emotional during hearing

"The View" co-hosts react to Garland's attorney general Senate confirmation hearing, where he made a passionate speech on how the bigotry his family faced prepared him for a life of service.
5:46 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for Merrick Garland gets emotional during hearing
So whoopi is having some technical difficulties. So I'll pick to up here. So president Biden's pick for attorney general Merrick Garland had his senate confirmation hearing where he made a passionate speech about how the bigotry his family faced prepared him for a life of service. Take a look. I come from a family where my grandparents fled persecution. The country took us in. And protected us. And I feel that obligation to the country to pay back, this is the highest best use of my own set of skills to pay back and so I want to be the kind of attorney general that you're saying I could become. I feel that we have three men right now in charge, Biden, Jamie Raskin and Merrick Garland, all three have experienced personal tragedy which they are in a way highly qualified for the job right now because we need passionate people who have a core of self and people who care about other people, because partly because of their own tragedies. Sara, how do you think he handled himself? It was refreshing to see a nominee like Merrick Garland finally get his moment and, you know, talk about a man who could have been bitter on the heels of our last conversation. He elevated everything about his stories, his language. I still remember that really emotional shot of him when president Obama nominated him to the supreme court, and he got emotional talking about his family and his career and the importance of service and as you mentioned it's to his bones the calling. So I just -- he deserved this. It's long overdue. Another one of those appointments, nominations you're like, we're going to be all right. I thought it was amazing yeah. How refreshing it was him to say I'm not the president's lawyer - and I will work for the American people, how refreshing was that, Meghan, to you? I think he's highly qualified. You know, that was extremely emotional and moving exchange. He's the opposite of tanden. I wish him the best. He's the polar opposite of the guy who was there before, sunny, his exchange with senator Tom cotton struck you. Tell us about that. It really did. We have a clip about senator cotton questioning Merrick Garland about racial equity versus equality. President Biden signed an executive order will advance racial equity not racial equality but racial equity. Yes, and I read the opening of that executive order which defines equity as the fair and impartial treatment of every person without regard to their status. And including the individuals who are -- who have been in underserved communities where they were not afforded that before. I don't see any distinction. So, sunny, what do you make of that? Yeah, what struck me, Tom cotton was implying I think that racial equity initiatives somehow op press white people, the notion of that seems to be really rampant right-wing ideology, somehow the notion that marginalized groups gaining rights is an attack on white people. And, you know, I guess sometimes equality may feel like op presentation if you have, you know, had this privilege your entire life and maybe it feels like a threat to privilege, but I'm just shock at this sort of right-wing ideology that's so invested in denying that systemic racism exists and that, you know, somehow racial equity is not a good thing and that you should sort of ignore the equities we have in our system. That's really quite shocking to me coming from a United States I will say it was so wonderful to hear someone like Merrick Garland talk about the op presentation and persecution that his jewish family experienced, because I think that's why historically, especially in the civil rights movement and through today that we've seen this ally ship between the jewish community and the African-American community because we have that shared persecution that both communities have experienced. There's that true allyship. A real allyship. That's why I think Merrick Garland truly does understand the plight of African-Americans and a true ally in this department of justice. Sunny, how fun was it to watch Josh Hawley, who had his fist up at the capitol as part of the insurrection questioning Merrick Garland and Merrick Garland could be indicting him pretty soon. That I can't wait to see.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to Garland's attorney general Senate confirmation hearing, where he made a passionate speech on how the bigotry his family faced prepared him for a life of service.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76068443","title":"Merrick Garland gets emotional during hearing","url":"/theview/video/merrick-garland-emotional-hearing-76068443"}