Michigan protesters defy stay-at-home orders

“The View” co-hosts react to a group who protested Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s pandemic directive, calling on state leaders to allow small businesses to reopen.
4:23 | 04/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan protesters defy stay-at-home orders
Yesterday residents of Michigan, one of the hardest hit states, defied local distancing regulations to stage protests demanding that governor Gretchen Whitmer ease restrictions, even chanting "Lock her up." What did y'all make of this when you saw it? What about you, sunny? Let's start with you. Well, I was trying to figure out why there were confederate flags flying around during the -- being waved around during this alleged protest because I couldn't figure out what that had to do with the coronavirus. If you are indeed upset about the stay-at-home order, I can understand that because it is probably I think the most restrictive in the country, and people are very concerned about that. I get that, but I guess I just didn't understand the manner within which it was done. Everybody was close together, getting out of their cars, waving the the confederate flag. Right. I thought rather than it becoming a stay-at-home order protest, it seemed to become some sort of racist protest. Right. Meghan, you're a little torn about this? I cannot stop thinking about this sort of existential crisis that we're having right now because on one hand, as sunny pointed out, it is considered one of the most restrictive measures in Michigan, and just to nak name a few things, you can't buy vegetable seeds or garden tools, you can't buy carpet, tools or paint to work from home, or visit even one-on-one. If I wanted to visit a family member, that's not allowed. I do think that the question that we're all struggling with right now, and we were talking about it briefly before the show, is it looks like the economy is well on its way to entering a second great depression. I want life to go back to normal. I also don't want people to die. In South Dakota, they have been lax on it, you're now seeing a surge of coronavirus cases and I think unfortunately it's just this great existential question that no one seems to have the answer to. I will say that if I couldn't buy vegetable seeds or gardening tools, and I don't have a garden, but if I did, I would find that a complete and utter government overreach, and I think that governor Whitmer needs to lean back on some of these restrictions because people are doing the best they can to entertain themselves at home, and if you want to repaint your house, that's certainly one of the safest things that you can be doing right now. Right. So joy, you have questions you wanted to ask the protesters? Like what? Well, I would like to ask them if they're willing to sign away their right to treatment if and when they get infected. Are you going to say, I don't need a ventilator because I thought I should go out and defy the governor's order, okay? And I would like to know if people in states who are following the guidelines like us in New York, can be sure those people don't come here. They blocked an ambulance the other day. Can't they be charged and arrested for that? I understand the fact that, you know, they can't get their veggies, but hello. We're talking about this disease being way more infecting and worse than they even thought, you know? Right. By the way, they're watching fox a little too much. They're watching Laura Ingraham who tweeted, time to get your freedom back, and the brilliant Janine piero, she said, the infection rate would drop as the weather warms. This is who they're listening to. Again, do you say I won't get the treatment if I get the virus? That's my question. Right. Well, it's interesting. I would love to know why the governor made some of the choices she made. Perhaps people don't realize that this is, you know, this is a disease that doesn't care about your economic status. It doesn't care about your -- your politics. This will take you out, and maybe that's what people need. Maybe people need to get sick in order to realize that, you know, we would all like to go outside, but not if it's going to spread everything.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to a group who protested Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s pandemic directive, calling on state leaders to allow small businesses to reopen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"70187560","title":"Michigan protesters defy stay-at-home orders","url":"/theview/video/michigan-protesters-defy-stay-home-orders-70187560"}